Weekend: during a big party, the Vietnamese community will share its culture with Bratislava

A steam train ride, Pride Košice and other tips for this weekend.

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Vietnamese culture will invade Bratislava

Bratislava will host a “Vietnam Day”, which seems to be the first major event for the Vietnamese community in the city.

“We want to bring closer not only the real image of Vietnam, but also how two different worlds have been successfully combined for several years with the integration of the Vietnamese community into Slovak society,” said Lucia Huong Šimeková, one organizers. TASR news agency.

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The event will start at 2:00 p.m. on August 28 at Lake Kuchajda.

The chairman of the Vietnamese community in Slovakia, Dang Nguyen Kim, explained that visitors can expect the screening of films, the display of traditional Vietnamese clothing and a walk in an authentic Vietnamese street.

“Traditional Vietnamese cuisine and music will complement the prepared program,” the president said.

Sporting events will also take place in several locations in Bratislava.

In Slovakia, 2,793 citizens claim Vietnamese nationality, according to the 2021 census. Nearly 500 people listed Vietnamese as their second nationality.

The community, whose history in Slovakia dates back to the communist era, is trying to gain recognition as another ethnic minority in the country.

One of many: Pham Thi Thu, a Bratislavian from Vietnam, supports the ambition of the Vietnamese community to be recognized as another ethnic minority.

Food: The city of Martin discovers Vietnamese cuisine thanks to Nam Van Nguyen’s bistro.

Walk around Kysuce

The Kysuce region in northern Slovakia is hilly and dotted with small settlements.

Observation towers and outdoor works of art have multiplied here in recent years, and even today new ideas are added to enrich your hike or your family walk.

The region is also known for its cross-country ski trail, named Beskydsko-Javornícka Magistrála, which connects the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For those who don’t like long walks, the Magic Meadow is the right place to go.

Archives: Listen to the Spectacular Slovakia podcast about other places in the Kysuce region you can explore.

Other travel news

  • The high society of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was once drawn to the Turzov Lakes and the nearby spa. Today, visitors can only swim in the lakes.

  • Swiss trams in central Slovakia will make their first journey with tourists in the fall.

  • In the heat, you can head to wild swimming spots across the country.


How Spectacles Framed Czechoslovakia

Although her face may be a mystery to young Slovaks, Helena Vrtichová’s “Diridonda” has become an evergreen song familiar to Slovaks of all generations.

The “Diridonda Lady,” or singing postwoman, as Vrtichová is sometimes nicknamed, once wore oversized glasses on stage.

“I still keep them,” said Vrtichová, who turns 70 this year.

The list of well-known Slovaks who are remembered, besides their talent, due to their legendary performances is not endless but certainly long.

The same could be said of glasses.

At Satelit, an art gallery in Bratislava, visitors can immerse themselves in Ondřej Vicena’s temporary exhibition on the history of eyewear design in the former Czechoslovakia until the end of September.

More exhibitions

A few more tips before you go…

Netsuke: The Slovak National Museum in Bratislava exhibits 65 miniature “netsuke” sculptures by Japanese artists. They serve as clips, weights or buttons on traditional Japanese clothing.

LGBT+: Košice Pride Week starts on the weekend, August 20, at the Tabačka Cultural Center. It will culminate on August 27 with a pride march.

Railway: A railway between Zvolen and Vrútky celebrates 150 years since its construction. On this occasion, steam trains will run between the two cities on August 20. In Zvolen, several steam trains will be exhibited.

It’s all for this week. Have a good week-end! – Rock

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