Visibility, RestoringVision and NewGlobe to Provide Free Vision Tests and Prescription Glasses to Over 5,000 People, Including Children in Nigeria

RestoringVision has dedicated nearly two decades of work to creating equitable access to eyewear around the world. Their work began with the provision of basic eye screens and reading glasses. More recently, the association has expanded to serve children and adults with prescription glasses thanks to the support of National vision Made Locally, Given Globally program. By partnering with Visibility, beneficiaries will be able to receive prescription glasses after completing the Visibility online vision test. The results will be clear, allowing children to see the board and their world.

“Our philosophy at RestoringVision is that by collaborating with partners and organizing projects like this, we can accelerate results,” says Pelin Munis, Executive Director of RestoringVision. “What better results than ensuring that 5,000 schoolchildren can now see clearly thanks to the collaboration between RestoringVision, Visibility and NewGlobe. We are honored to be a part of this pilot program and believe the impact is only just beginning.”

“From day one, Visibility’s mission has been to provide vision resources to anyone, anywhere, anytime,” says Brent Rasmussen, CEO of Visibly. “Seeing clearly should be a right; we believe that vision prescriptions should be accessible and affordable for everyone, and we look forward to providing these services to those in need around the world. “

Specializing in creating powerful technology-based education systems, NewGlobe will lead event facilitation and eyewear distribution in Nigeria. This initiative aims to help undiagnosed and already diagnosed patients in the Nigerian NewGlobe ecosystem of more than 30,000 teachers, over one million students and others in the communities where our schools and educational partnerships operate.

Although this is the first project on which Visably, RestoringVision and NewGlobe are collaborating, the partnership is only just beginning. All three organizations plan to continue to make an impact by extending this project and providing visioning resources to other communities in need.

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About Visibly

Obviously, a ChicagoHealthcare technology company founded in 2012, creates digital eye care technologies that enable patient choice and convenience while providing physicians with the ability to create awesome user experiences. Visibility was founded with the belief that eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions should be accessible and affordable for everyone. Online vision tests are just the start; Visibly envisions a world where technology allows patients and physicians to easily connect to make all aspects of eye care convenient and accessible to everyone.

Currently, Visibility operates under the Policy for the application of remote ophthalmic assessment and monitoring devices during coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Public health emergency issued by the FDA in april 2020.

About RestoringVision

RestoringVision strives to meet the unmet need for eyewear in underprivileged communities around the world and is committed to helping as many people as possible gain clear vision in order to increase productivity, keep working and earn money. income, learn and perform daily chores. Since 2003, RestoringVision has helped more than 18 million people in 136 countries through its programs.

About NewGlobe

NewGlobe supports national and state governments by creating powerful, technology-based education systems. An expert in education and a leader in learning, NewGlobe has unparalleled experience in radically transforming educational outcomes at high speed and at scale. Education is a science. NewGlobe has an unprecedented ability to bring together and apply data-driven learning improvements in all aspects of the education system, providing a solid foundation for the youth of today and the future of tomorrow.

NewGlobe was incorporated in 2007 and has since grown to support many types of education programs across multiple continents, the vast majority of which are public education programs. In Nigeria, NewGlobe supports the EdoBEST and EKOEXCEL programs in Edo and Lagos States, respectively, as well as community school programs in Lagos and Osun States.

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