This is the most important decision you can make to increase your sales right now!

SELLING IS a vital part of what we do. Patients do not experience incredible vision without glasses. To improve our sales, we were told to change the way we think about sales.

But what we really need is more fundamental, more deeply rooted. We need to change our sales philosophy. You’ve probably heard stories of people transforming their lives with a change in philosophy. Could a new sales philosophy transform your business? Absolutely.

Writer Ayn Rand, a brilliant thinker and philosopher, said, “Philosophy is necessary for living life.” The importance of having a core philosophy that underpins everything you do, especially business, cannot be overemphasized. So the two most important questions are:

  1. What philosophy guides your life?
  2. What philosophy guides your business?

Think of this philosophy as a filter for all your decisions and actions, guiding you and your team. Only do things that support it. This act is simple, powerful and will transform your business.


To help you create a core philosophy, consider this: what’s best for the patient is best for the practice.

Let it settle. It’s deep, not to be overlooked. If what’s best for the patient makes money for the practice, even better. Many feel guilty recommending something if it’s more expensive; the real guilt should come if you don’t recommend what you really know is best for your patient’s vision. A cardiac surgeon never asks a patient if he wants the best procedure or one that is just fine; neither neurologists nor orthopedic surgeons.

For you to serve, you must sell. To sell is to serve. The best products are easier to work with, more functional, have better craftsmanship and better style. It best serves the practice by dramatically reducing remakes and warranty work, while increasing patient satisfaction and referrals. All things that increase your reputation and sales but will go unnoticed if you choose not to sell…or only aim to sell the cheapest option to the patient.

“Money demands that you sell…your talent to their reason.” – Aynrand

A critical initial sales step is recommending or prescribing. When done with genuine conviction, it’s powerful, and skilled opticians can more easily guide a patient through optics, ensuring the patient receives the best vision while providing the talent of your team. . It’s the perfect example of a customer-focused philosophy being implemented in an actual sale.

Your patient will have confidence in this amazing progressive treatment and AR that will keep those lenses looking pristine. Certainly the best for the patient and the best for the practice.

Some other examples:

It is best if your patient has an annual supply of contacts. Studies show that these patients are less likely to wear too many lenses. It is best if your patient has photographic documentation of their retina to point out early changes. An early catch can make all the difference.


First, implement your version of a customer-centric philosophy. Second, and equally critical, get your team on board. Be sure that when you all put this philosophy to work, decisions will come faster and easier, be less stressful, more accurate, and increase accountability.

As co-founder and visionary leader of Spexy, this is the type of philosophical thinking that I implement and convey to my team and our clients.

Decide now to implement a clear customer-centric philosophy to guide your business. Your team will start selling and serving like never before.