Things only adults noticed in Encanto

“Frozen” is one of the most successful Disney animated films in recent memory, and between the winning performances, the touching story and the memorable songs, it has become a cultural touchstone. Therefore, adults may automatically find themselves comparing the Disney movies that followed “Frozen” to the previous one, especially “Encanto,” which has several moments with obvious parallels to “Frozen,” although we don’t include direct reference to his beloved hymn “Let It Go”.

First, when Mirabel tries to fix things with Isabela in an effort to save the family magic, she angered her sister so much that Isabela loses her grip on her flower-generating powers and creates a thorny cactus. Isabela is so turned on by the realization that she can use her gift in less than perfect ways that she sings “What Else Can I Do?” one of the most inspiring songs in the movie, and for all intents and purposes, his own version of “Let It Go”.

Later, when Abuela Alma finds Mirabel after the collapse of Madrigal’s house, the couple have a revealing conversation that allows Abuela to finally admit that she must release her hold on her family so that all of their lives can be worked out. to improve. The way the moment unfolds, including Abuela finding Mirabel and their reconciliation near a body of water, recalls the climax of “Frozen” where Elsa realizes that love is the answer to all of her problems.