The Teva and Coco et Breezy collaboration sandal hits the runway at the Lorca

Coco and Breezy from the eponymous eyewear brand [Coco and Breezy] have always been adventurous, leaving Minnesota as teenagers for the big city of New York. They then moved into eyewear design and learned the ins and outs of the eyewear industry intensely. Now they take fewer risks but continue the adventure as health-conscious twins, designing eyewear through a holistic lens.

This aesthetic and the lifestyle that the twin designers embody were what founded the Teva brand. Teva has stayed true to its adventurous and risk-taking roots, forging the first-ever sports sandal designed to lock in your ankle and stay on your feet as you traverse water and land. This summer, Teva collaborated with Coco and Breezy on a Hurricane XLT 2 sandal, designed for all genders.

In January 2022, Coco and Breezy Dotson commemorate the last decade of their careers with a trip to Costa Rica, during which they embarked on an off-the-grid adventure. There, the twin visionaries would explore the natural world outside our gates, uninterrupted by modernity, and tend to their sanity as they reset for the new year.


“We have been here for about 4 days now and it feels like a lifetime. We still have about 20 more days here 🌴🥭🍉. He taught us what life really is. We learn to have a better work/life balance. Coco and Breezy said so in an Instagram caption of a carousel post of the two girls eating fruit, practicing yoga and exploring the local landscape – a combination of video and images.

“We learned a lot about ourselves. We both started journals, where we write life lessons that we learn while we’re here,” the twins state in their Instagram post. In Costa Rica, Coco and Breezy tapped into their conscience while wearing their [self-purchased] pair of Teva sandals. The trip was a mental health boost and a fashion experience draped in natural elements. Their experience connected them through modest lives, bike rides and reflective moments in a natural world, as opposed to their jet-set lifestyles as designers and DJs.

“I think Breezy and I have a connection to Teva because we’ve always been out in nature, exploring and getting out. When Teva approached us about the collaboration, it inspired us even more – to explore more,” says Coco.

Last July, Teva and the Coco and Breezy brand invited an intimate group of fashion-conscious influencers to retreat from their daily bustle in New York City. The two-day retreat was a first-hand experience of the glasses twin’s cabin complex, The Lorca, in Shandaken, NY.

Coco recalls their trip earlier this year, “early this year we went to Costa Rica – it was our first time – and that’s when we really got to ‘wear’ Teva sandals, wearing the sandals for three weeks while living outside We weren’t wearing our collab [yet!]“, evading the idea.

At Lorca, guests came to do more than roast marshmallows. Hosted by team members Teva and Coco and Breezy themselves, the goal was to rejuvenate a group of eco-fashion enthusiasts with a mental break from the careers that can wear us down and wear us out. Kim Duong, Cosmopolitan’s senior shopping editor, eco-social influencer Valentina Padilla and journalists Sophia Li and Noor Tagouri, to name a few, were invited to enjoy two sunny days in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.

Every day everyone came together with family style meals. Among them were moments of heartfelt conversation about family, fashion, and food, for the most part. The group spent the day visiting a waterhole and hiking to a waterfall. Adventurous bonding moments in the Teva x Coco and Breezy sandals provided by the brand gave the fashionable group a seamless exploration in the embellished open-toe shoes designed by Coco and Breezy. They implemented their beloved metallic accents on the sandals that are the signature of the Coco and Breezy eyewear line, and have sunglasses specially designed for the Teva collaboration.

Coco expresses that “the collaboration was special because we wanted to create something authentic in both of our ways. One explores the importance of this with mental health. Have more POC – especially, black people – come out and [showing] the benefits of it. And two; always elegant. I like to look cute when I go on a hike – like walking out of a fashion show because that’s just who I am. I think our [Teva] the collaboration sandals give you that. You can explore. If you look at our brand identity with our eyewear, we always have cool metallic accents – we like to be ornate.

Coco praises the shoe brand and savors the organic collaboration, “We’ve always loved the brand, and it’s pushed us to be more inspired and explore more outdoors – walking through waterfalls and mountains. water with our Teva [sandals]. And while hiking in the jungle.

She concludes by stating, “Usually my old self wore pretty fashionable shoes – and Teva’s are fashionable and [for] outside. I had shoes that weren’t made for hiking or being outdoors, and I was stopping my exploration, and once we started wearing more Tevas, it broadened our exploration.