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DUBAI: Iraqi-American entrepreneur Huda Kattan is launching a new wellness brand by Huda Beauty Angels, which is part of HB Investments, Kattan’s venture capital firm.

Shortly after investing in feminine skincare brand Ketish, founded by Emaan Abbas in August, HB Investments announced the launch of a new supplement brand, Humantra.

Humantra, founded by Date Catudal, is the second brand of the HB Investment fund and incubator.

Just like the founder of Ketish, Catudal is also a cancer survivor with an inspiring story to share.

The brand was inspired by the entrepreneur’s own health experience.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with HB Investments,” the brand wrote in a statement. “Backed by the amazing Kattan family who share our passion for wellness, they support us in our mission to make authentic health education and clean supplements more accessible to everyone.”

Humantra aims to help people on their wellness journey by giving them the right supplements and helping them take control of their own health.

The brand’s long-term mission is to provide a line of products that will clarify the supplement shopping experience and address four crucial pillars of health: hydration, gut health, brain health and the sleep.

The first supplement to be released is what Humantra considers to be the most imperative, the “Hydration Hack”, a plant-based, sugar-free electrolyte and antioxidant blend made with 100% natural ingredients and six vital electrolytes .

The product will be available in two refreshing flavors: “Himalayan Lime” and “Berry Pomegranate”.

Humantra is a wellness brand that focuses on supplements. Provided

According to the brand, it hydrates four times more effectively than water alone, is completely clean, and won’t upset or upset the gut.

HB Investments is a brand building powerhouse created by Huda and her sisters Mona and Alya Kattan.

The family has several successful brands under their belt, including cosmetics brand Huda Beauty, fragrance line Kayali, and skincare brand Wishful.

Last year, Huda Beauty Angels launched its first investment for Ketish, a feminine skincare brand led by Abbass, a former Huda Beauty product developer.

Specializing in female wellness, Ketish was launched in August 2021 with a range of targeted body care products.