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Slightly back:

Screenshot via The Wharf DC

The Wharf recently announced that the project will end on October 12 this year. What companies can you expect?

First, the bad news: if you were expecting Cantina Marina to return, you weren’t. @eat_dc tweeted:

So what’s next? The full list below, courtesy of The Wharf:

  • Philip Chow (7,373 square feet located at 635 Wharf Street off The Green at street level from Amaris): An iconic New York restaurant for nearly two decades, Philippe Chow has become a Manhattan staple – including athletes, musicians and movie stars – who crave Chef Chow revisits traditional Chinese cuisine with modern, flavorful and theatrical results. Chef Chow’s world-renowned menu of Beijing-style dishes paved the way for fine Chinese cuisine in the United States, cementing his influence on New York’s culinary and nightlife scene. In fall 2022, Philippe Chow plans to open in DC at The Wharf, which will feature a remarkable covered patio adjacent to The Green with stunning views of the Potomac River. The restaurant – which will be able to accommodate 270 people in total (75 outdoors, 175 indoors and 20 at the bar).
  • Lucky buns (2,679 square feet located at 675 Wharf Street on the waterfront): Chef Alex McCoy brings the popular DMV burger spot to SW, his fourth location in the area.
  • Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls (1,159 square feet located at 681 Water Street, under the Oculus of the 680 Maine Avenue office building): Offering authentic Maine-style lobster rolls based on simple, honest recipes and sides traditional coastal Maine in its fourth DC location.
An interpretation of what the finished dock might look like. Photo courtesy of The Wharf DC.
  • The Godard school (8,772 square feet located at 652 Maine Avenue at street level of a Wharf apartment building): The early childhood education provider will open its second location in the SW neighborhood.
  • Optician in Georgetown (1,047 square feet located at 699 Water Street, adjacent to 7th Street Park): Offering premium eyewear and optical services throughout the DC area.
  • Quay Shop (400 square feet located at 650 Wharf Street on the docks of The Wharf Marina): Bring marina essentials, including sundries, snacks, beverages, and The Wharf’s official logo merchandise, plus the first fuel dock in the waterfront district.
  • Kilwins chocolates and ice cream (1,115 square feet located at 663 Water Street under the Oculus of the 670 Maine Avenue office building): Offering the finest chocolates, handmade fudges, ice cream and other artisanal treats on-site in a modern setting.
  • Scissors and Scotch (1,771 square feet located at 677 Water Street, below the Oculus of the 670 Maine Avenue office building): Combination of modern barber and spa services with guests’ favorite watering hole.
  • bartaco (4,935 square feet located at 645 Wharf Street at the waterfront level of a Wharf apartment building and adjacent to The Grove): Guests can enjoy unique tacos, rice bowls, margaritas and more at from its curated menu to its fourth location in the DMV area and its first in the neighborhood.

In addition to these tenants, there will be offices occupied by Williams & Connolly, The Atlantic and Freedom Forum. What we really want to know is, can we please have a view of today’s front pages here, Freedom Forum?

I can’t wait to see the completely renovated wharf become even more of a destination this year.

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