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Buying gifts for teens can be a daunting task. After all, they’re no longer happy with Matchbox cars and plastic dinosaurs – and when it comes to clothes, there’s no need to buy what you like from the kids’ section anymore; they now have their own brand preferences and an individual sense of style. Yet the simple act of throwing money or a gift card at them can feel boring and generic, like you haven’t put in the effort or thought.

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Luckily, I happen to have valuable insight into teenagers’ wish lists: I live with 3 of them (plus a 10-year-old who think he’s a teenager). They may not always be happy to help me (drag the trash cans on the sidewalk?! Bruhhh), but they were thrilled when I asked for their help (and that of their perpetually hanging out friends) in putting together this guide to the best gifts for teens. Because, as they say, they don’t want their peers to get something “lame”.

Yes, teenagers are slightly more expensive than little ones, and like their slang vocabulary, their preferences can change in no time. But these gift ideas are things teens actually want — according to the teens who actually want them.