The 10 Best Powers In Boys, Ranked

As a satirical tribute to the most influential comic book superheroes of the 21st century, The boys delves into some darker aspects of superhero culture. Iconic superheroes are referenced and parodied throughout the series, including Superman, Quicksilver, Aquaman, Wolverine, Daredevil, Storm and countless others.

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Indeed, several characters of The boys wear outfits similar to their Marvel/DC counterparts. Homelander’s costume bears a striking resemblance to Captain America, while The Deep’s outfit is an interesting variation on Namor. It can be argued that the costume defines the superhero.

10/10 Supersonic’s costume hints at his sound-based powers in a subtle way

Supersonic enters the story in Season 3, where he rekindles his friendship with Starlight. Although Hughie is clearly uncomfortable with their dynamic, his apprehension has more to do with his own perceived weaknesses.

Supersonic would have been a valuable asset in the fight against Homelander until he foolishly spilled his guts at A-Train and got killed as a result. Supersonic’s outfit appears to be a generic red-white-blue bodysuit with a silver star framing his chest. The compression wave pattern on his sleeves hints at his sound-based powers.

9/10 A-Train’s outfit is a kaleidoscopic mix of multiple shades of blue

A-Train begins his character arc as an antagonist, sparking Hughie’s transformation from naïve citizen to vengeful vigilante. As the eponymous “fastest man alive”, A-Train’s speed allows him to cover great distances in seconds. He is so fast that he can (allegedly) run on water without sinking.

Her superhero costume is a mix of multiple shades of blue, from teal to indigo and everything in between. A transparent plastic breastplate protects his upper torso from the physical forces created by his own super-speed, as well as a pair of blue-tinted goggles to protect his eyes from the friction of the air.

8/10 It’s almost impossible to tell where Ironcast’s suit ends and his body begins

Ironcast appears in The Boys Presents: Devilish, an animated anthology program that chronicles some of the least explored comic book storylines. Although not affiliated with the Seven, his downright nightmarish tendencies put a target on his back.

The Boys intend to kill Ironcast to prevent him from drinking the blood of recently deceased children, especially those who suffered from “leukemia and fibrosis”. This superhero supposedly likes “the taste of despair”. Ironcast’s skin is virtually impenetrable, so his outfit has no special defensive properties. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to tell where her costume ends and her body begins.

7/10 Queen Maeve’s outfit is both badass and authentic

Queen Maeve undergoes a significant metamorphosis during the story. She realizes that her world-famous status as a feminist role model is nothing more than a sham engineered by Vought’s public relations department, explaining why she strives to distance herself from her prefabricated image.

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Queen Maeve possesses a level of strength comparable to Homelander, as seen when she manages to pierce his skin and temporarily overpower him in the Season 3 finale. Maeve’s leather costume is incredibly badass and authentic, while paying homage to Wonder Woman. That said, actress Dominique McElligott described her outfit as “pretty uncomfortable”.

6/10 TNT twins are effectively indistinguishable from a distance

Tommy and Tessa, better known as the TNT Twins, were once members of Payback, a popular superhero team in the eighties. They help their teammates overwhelm Soldier Boy, leading to the latter’s capture and kidnapping by the Russian government.

The TNT twins are completely powerless without each other – their trinitrotoluene generation only activates when they are in physical contact. Their explosions are powerful enough to distract opponents as powerful as Soldier Boy. Given their relationship and the nature of the powers, it’s no surprise that their outfits are indistinguishable from a distance, albeit with some notable design differences.

5/10 Crimson Countess’ Blood Red Superhero Costume Is Extremely Memorable

Despite her waning stardom, Crimson Countess tries to maintain her public image for as long as possible, even if it means working for VoughtLand, a superhero-themed park. She can generate fireball blasts through her palms, but her powers do not work if she is unable to perform the required hand gesture.

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Crimson Countess’ abilities are somewhat similar to Wanda Maximoff’s Hex Blasts, which is why the story gives her a costume based on Scarlet Witch. Crimson Countess’ blood red superhero costume is without a doubt one of the most memorable outfits from the series.

4/10 Nubian prince’s outfit commemorates his African heritage

Nubian Prince appears briefly in The boys first in the series. Madelyn Stillwell tries to sell her contract to the mayor of Baltimore for $300 million, but the latter slyly retaliates with $200 million. The story of this superhero is finally covered in an episode of The Boys Presents: Devilishtitled “Nubian versus Nubian”.

He begins a relationship with another supe named Nubia, Queen of Thunder, but their tumultuous romance inevitably ends in divorce. Nubian Prince’s outfit commemorates his heritage, borrowing various design elements and colors from real-world African national flags.

3/10 Swatto’s Insect Costume Choice Is Weird And Bold At The Same Time

Swato is one of the most forgettable characters in The boys, but his prosaic personality doesn’t detract from the unique weirdness of his costume. No one knows why a Supe with housefly wings would choose a counter-intuitive name like Swatto, though his obvious lack of foresight may have something to do with it.

Swatto’s costume would have been totally ordinary without his glasses. There’s no evidence to suggest he actually needs to wear this particular pair of glasses, but it makes him look infinitely more like an insect – and that may have been his point all along. Swato might be smarter than everyone thinks.

2/10 Starlight exercises her right to wear what she wants, no matter the consequences

When Annie joins the Seven, she’s a naive, wide-eyed ingenue who truly believes in concepts like heroism and honesty. His early days at Vought shatter his lofty ideals. The company forces her to wear an overly sexualized outfit, advertising her looks rather than her abilities.

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Starlight eventually musters up enough courage to fight back and refuses to don the gold-embellished monokini designed for her. Vought pushes back, but she holds her ground, forcing them to accede to her demands. Starlight exercises the right to wear whatever she wants, demonstrating her unyielding sense of agency in the process.

1/10 Silver Kincaid’s costume pays homage to Saint Joan of Arc without giving up her Muslim identity

The television adaptation turns the comic book character of Silver Kincaid into a Muslim superhero from the United Kingdom. Despite having the “highest lifesaving stats of any finalist” and being “an ambassador for UNICEF”, Homelander knocks Silver Kincaid out of American Hero’s final round. He claims he would “never leave a fucking Muslim in the Seven”, viciously referring to her as “Captain Al-Qaeda”.

Silver Kincaid’s powers include telekinesis and telepathy, but the show doesn’t really explore them beyond that point. Silver Kincaid’s fabulously daring costume pays homage to Saint Joan of Arc, one of medieval history’s greatest heroes, without giving up her Muslim identity.

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