Spider-Man Movie Costumes Ranked, From Maguire To Holland

Over the past 20 years and nearly a dozen appearances of Spider-Man on the big screen, the character has apparently donned so many costumes to fight crime and look good. The trailer for Spider-Man: No Path Home clues that we may have a new suit or two to add to the stack, which inspired me to ask this very important life-affecting question: How do Spidey suits compare?

With this list, I answer this riddle by going back to the first great films with Tobey Maguire like Peter Parker in the costume, then go Andrew Garfield‘s run, stopping in the Miles Morales animation (Shameik moore), and of course including Tom hollandthe adaptation of the MCU. This list will cover all of the major super costumes (excluding costumes like Maguire’s Wrestling Outfit and Morales’ Spider-Man Halloween Outfit). Whether it’s the simple red and blue spandex or the high-tech Tony Stark suits, these 10 suits, for better or for worse, empower Spider-Man as Marvel’s ultimate fashionista.

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10. The Incredible Spider-Man 2 Combination

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Image via Sony

Like many decisions in The Incredible Spider-Man 2, changing the costume from the first movie was a bad decision. While the costume that came before it had a parkour vibe that suited the reboot’s more grounded tone, it looks like the team here went the other way. Just looking at it, you wouldn’t be wrapped in webs to think the team was going for a look reminiscent of the Maguire costume from their trilogy. Seeing him in action on Garfield feels like a step up from mediocre cosplay, sometimes making it look like they match the star as well as casual pajamas. All the money that went into bringing out all the new villains had to be cut from the costume department, which meant that besides this movie not being great, Spidey wasn’t even able to have it. look great.


9. Black Suit (Spider-Man 3)

Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3

Image via Sony

Do you remember the Maguire costume from the original three? Spider Man movies? Okay, so it’s the same as that one, just black. The black Spider-Man costume was highly marketed and eagerly awaited by fans embarking on Spider-Man 3, and like many other characters in the movie, he wasn’t really treated properly. Looks like the suit Peter Parker would buy if he really liked his first suit, but now he wanted one of the same in a different color so he could wear it and not look like he was wearing the same suit as yesterday. .

8. Homemade costume (Captain America: Civil War; Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Tom Holland in Spider-Man Homecoming

Image via Sony

When we first meet Holland’s Parker in Captain America: Civil war he hadn’t quite got a fancy suit yet and instead was walking around New York City in a makeshift red and blue suit, with special glasses to hone his new Spidey senses. It’s lovely and thrown together, but the glasses really put the emphasis on young Parker’s scientific and technical mind. It is put to good use when he is forced to dress Spider Man: Back home, really making him feel like the underdog who has to prove himself.

7. Red and Black Suit (Far From Home)


Image via Sony Pictures

The minds behind many MCU movies have really made wardrobe changes a big part of their finals, and for Spidey’s second go-around he got the chance to build his own to really blow the climax. Made from materials that Stark just laid around one of his planes, Parker doesn’t stray too far from the design of the original costume the billionaire gave him, replacing blue with sleek black. There’s not much else besides giving Spidey a makeover before the final fight, and in that regard, he looks great, having the classic look of his previous costume with just enough tweaking. to feel unique to him. We probably won’t see much more coming No way home, which is good, because it’s clear that not everything Parker has built is quite as cool as the magical outfit he wears in this upcoming one.

6. Stealth Suit (Away From Home)

Tom Holland in Spider-Man Far From Home

Image via Sony

Not quite the high-tech suit Stark gave him, but not exactly the cheap fabric you’d grab from the bargain basket, the “Stealth Suit” made a very brief appearance in Spider Man: Far from home. Introduced to fit a plot point (no one can know Spider-Man is in Europe while Parker is in Europe too!), He gets points for his fun looks and the way he reminds the character. of Spider-Man Noir. It makes Spider-Man look like he’s about to pull off a break-in or shoot James Bond in a ski chase. In a Spider-Man cinematic era where he has more costumes than the cast of Bad, the stealth suit is certainly fashion before function, but in this case, it doesn’t matter as long as it looks like he could team up with Ethan Hunt to take down a crime syndicate.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man Costume

Andrew Garfield in The Incredible Spider-Man

Image via Sony

To restart the Spider Man series, Sony wanted to go to the deepest root, and when it comes to costumes, that means a costume that has a bit more edge – and certainly stands out from the costume of the Sam raimi movie theater. With eyes that seem a little intimidating, feet that look perfect for a long-distance runner, and Parker’s own web shooters, there’s a practical side to his costume that really sells him as born out of his ingenuity. The heaviness of the blue color scheme is a bit in the overall look of the costume, but in terms of styling to match the character and tone, this costume suited the series perfectly, and it’s a shame it was put on. in the closet the second time.

4. Raimi Trilogy Suit (Spider-Man 1-3)


Image via Sony

We saw that Parker from Maguire must have spent hours, if not days, flipping through his notebook trying to design the perfect super costume. Ditching the ideas of extra capes or legs, the costume he landed on would be with him for three entire films and put his stamp on the pop culture era. With a prominent strap design, it lets you know the guy below has spider-related powers, which is great because it’s all about the branding, you know? It might not have the frills or flexibility of the other costumes on this list, but there is a vibrant and striking attraction to its appearance. With all the costumes that have come and gone, this classic look is set in time defining Spidey’s look through those massive first three movies… even if it went up a bit in the crotch.

3. Tony Stark Costume (Civil War, Homecoming)


Image via Marvel Studios

Here’s the thing: I love this costume. I love the way he looks drawn from the comics; I love the eyes and how they go for miles to characterize Parker’s face and the energy in the costume; I like all the little gadgets that Parker can’t use. It’s a terrific costume that looks great and allows Parker to have fun while he’s in it. Yes, I can see how some may not like how all of the tech brings him one step closer to being “Iron Man Jr.” but mostly being kept out of it. Back home This meant it was primarily used as a way for Parker to demonstrate his naivety, having no idea how to wield the power at his disposal. Exploring how the suit works feels natural to him to explore his potential as an aspiring superhero, and paired with this amazing and simple design, brought Spidey into the MCU in a memorable and fashionable way,

2. Spray paint suit (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)


Image via Sony

Spending most of the film covering his face and torso in a cheap store Spider-Man costume, Miles has his big moment of triumph when he walks to Peter Parker’s forward hideout, grabs a costume and Appropriate it with black and red spray paint. Unlike any other costume in the Spider Man films, the creation of this one feels so definitely tied to Miles’ personality and uniqueness, and is associated with such a powerful moment of self-acceptance. On top of all that, it just looks amazing. Covered in paint, it’s partly a superhero costume that respects the man who wore it, and partly an art project in which Miles claims his status as the only Spider-Man in his universe.

1.Iron Spider Suit (Homecoming; Avengers: Infinity War; Avengers: Endgame; Far From Home; No Way Home)

Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Suit

Image via Sony

Whatever your feelings are about this new version of Peter Parker / Spider-Man, you have to ditch it for what is the character’s coolest costume on the big screen – the Iron Spider costume. Based on the comic book version used primarily during the “Civil War” storyline, this cinematic version has been seen in more movies than any other costume before and could have its swan song. No way home. In terms of functionality, it has a nano-tech design for easy removal, those towering extendable legs for crowd control or extra grabbing power, variable lenses over the eyes, and a plethora of gadgets. It’s flashy and looks great on screen, but without being too much. The red / blue color scheme is still there with a mix of gold, and with the exception of bulky wrist shooters, still has the sophistication of its simpler costumes. Basically it’s a spider costume if it was armor as well, and while I imagine some may revere the classic looks, it’s hard to deny that Web-Head was never also cool.


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