Rochester Optical collaborates with Dive Force USA on prescription eyewear solution for divers

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Dive Force USA brings us the in-depth knowledge of the needs of divers which allows us to advance our R&D in EAB eyewear.

Rochester Optical has announced an exclusive distribution partnership with Dive Force USA to provide a unique line of prescription eyewear for commercial and recreational divers.

In 2007, Rochester Optical designed the original EAB-17 as a safer and more comfortable vision solution for US Navy submariners who had to wear prescription lenses under their masks without breaking the seal.

The use of EAB eyewear has expanded in recent years to other applications requiring a respirator, such as first responders, oil and gas exploration industry, environmental remediation market , and now travels underwater to serve the diving community. The partnership between Rochester Optical and Dive Force USA means that diving enthusiasts and professional divers can now purchase goggles designed to maintain the waterproofness of their diving mask underwater.

“We recognize the potential of the patented EAB design for an underwater application,” said Patrick Ho, CEO of Rochester Optical. “Dive Force USA brings us an in-depth knowledge of the needs of divers which allows us to advance our R&D in EAB eyewear as well as the design of corrective lenses that will improve the visual acuity of divers.

The collaboration between Dive Force USA and Rochester Optical has led to the development of a new line of eyewear called Eye Dive for use in commercial and recreational diving that can be worn under a scuba mask. Eye Dive glasses allow ordinary corrective lenses to be worn underwater for better overall visual acuity, and offer other benefits including a wide selection of lens designs, materials and options such as AR coating, anti-fog, Transitions, polarized lenses and special reading area for scuba diving computers. These goggles provide continuous visual acuity for divers above and underwater as there is no need to wear special goggles when donning the scuba mask. Eye Dive prescription glasses can be worn while diving and for everyday use.

“This collaboration will help solve the biggest challenge that divers have faced,” said Chris DeFelice of DiveForce USA. “We are delighted to bring this prescription eyewear offering to the diving community. “

Rochester Optical is a diverse manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses, eyewear, and a full-service wholesale digital optics lab. Dive Force USA is a leader in innovative diving products. Together, their mission is to continue to develop cutting-edge technology to bring the best optical products to the recreational and commercial diving markets.

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Rochester Optical is a diverse manufacturer of full-service wholesale ophthalmic lenses, eyewear, and digital optics lab. For more than 80 years, they have proudly served the men and women of the armed forces, then and now. They continue to serve eyecare professionals and corporate clients with an eye on service and innovation.

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