Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky’s Pregnancy Rumors Explained


It’s been a weeklong whirlwind for Rihanna Stan on social media.

On Monday, the Bad Gal was declared Barbados’ national hero during the country’s presidential inauguration, marking his official separation from the British Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II.

Photos taken at the ceremony show RiRi with her hands clasped in front of her stomach, a benign gesture that some fans have interpreted as an attempt to hide a baby bump.

As rumors swirled, Twitter manages @BenjaminEnfield – a verified account that goes by the name of “The Academy” – posted a photo of the star and her boyfriend, A $ AP Rocky, with a rather bossy caption, “Rihanna is pregnant with her first child with A $ AP Rocky, “without a source or official confirmation.

There isn’t much information about The Academy or its creator, Benjamin Enfield, although the company claims to be a school and marketing department for aspiring musicians.

The account has a million subscribers, many of whom appear to be promotional accounts or pseudonyms, possibly purchased from one of the many account augmentation services.

Either way, the internet was too anxious to work with the Academy’s unverified post.

At the time of publication, A $ AP Rocky was all the rage on Twitter, as netizens took to the platform to express surprise, excitement and condolences to Drake.

On TikTok, the hashtag #rihannapregnant has garnered more than 395,000 views, largely thanks to videos lamenting that a potential pregnancy can throw any hope of a new Rih album out the window.

Of course, a photo of Rihanna holding her hands in front of her stomach isn’t exactly definitive proof that she’s pregnant – at the moment it’s safe to say that the rumors have to be taken with several grains of salt. .

That said, just imagine how stylish anything Rih + Rocky would be!