Reconsider your style this spring | Style

Kim Peterson, founder of style and image consulting firm Uniquely Savvy, has always had a rather singular message: authenticity.

Authenticity really is the key to great style. It forces you to look within and consider who you are as a person and how you want that to be projected in the clothes you wear. It has always been true. But the pandemic, which has forced many of us to reflect on the world around us and what we expect from it, has shone a spotlight on how we choose to dress.

When it comes to working with clients, Peterson says, “It’s always about lifestyle and dressing up your truth and authentic essence. But what’s interesting and different in the last two years is that for the most part (clients have) changed their mindset and thought processes. Not just about their wardrobes, but about who they are and where they want to spend their time and energy. The pandemic has been an earthquake, if you will. It changes the way you see yourself and your relationships, and all of that includes your wardrobe. Who are you now, today?

Dressing like yourself can improve your daily performance, says Peterson, and research backs it up. Some studies have shown that when people wore clothes that made them feel good, they were able to think more abstractly, negotiate more effectively, and achieve success more often.

Likewise, if our clothes are pleasant to the touch, it can improve mental health. In a recent Marie Claire post-pandemic style interview, fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell said the clothes that make us physically comfortable can also facilitate our psychological comfort, and what we wear and how we feel can ultimately be a tool mental treatment and well-being.

The pandemic has probably changed the way you dress. You probably make different choices about how you dress for work. There’s a change happening here, and Peterson said it’s a great opportunity to ask how you want to introduce yourself.

“Be really mindful of what you like in your wardrobe and how long it takes you to get ready or how you put things together,” says Peterson.

She recommends asking yourself these questions to inform your approach to authentic style that turns heads:

• Who am I today?

• Who do I want to be?

• What do I appreciate?

• How do I want to present myself so that I can maximize my best self and bring my best self to serve those I serve in business, community, and family?

“Your wardrobe choices can help you take more risks and be more creative — if you dress your authentic truth,” she said. So as you look at the trends this spring, think about how they relate to you, says Peterson. Incorporate what feels right to you.

Trends Peterson has his eye on:

• Texture — Think knits.

• Architecture and shapes — Think shoes, eyewear and clothing with interesting cutouts.

• Color — Especially Pantone’s color of the year, Very Peri, which represents brave imagination, joyful attitude and inspiration.

• Relaxed silhouettes — Think wide pants and long dresses.