Practical Swag: ESPN Marketing’s Victory Goggles Are Loot For NBA Finals Winners

ESPN NBA analysts Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins know what it is to be a champion. The confetti falls as you celebrate on the pitch, you head to the locker room and the full celebration begins as you spray champagne on your teammates and coaches.

Although there was no champagne spray recently, ESPN NBA today The team, including former champions Jefferson and Perkins, showcased ESPN’s latest NBA marketing campaign featuring “Victory Goggles” (see video above). The stylish yet practical glasses will be featured in the winning team’s locker room after the NBA Finals to celebrate the NBA’s 75th anniversary.

Designed by Arts & Letters Creative Co. a few months ago, then developed by Matador Project with support from the NBA and live shopping platform NTWRK, the glasses are ready for champagne in the Golden State Warriors locker room or the Boston Celtics.

Director of Sports Marketing ESPN lucas ferraro shares a look at how the ESPN “Victory Glasses” grew from an idea inside the Championship Team locker room, which is a first for ESPN.

Why was there talk of bringing Victory Goggles into the locker room instead of just developing them as a novelty?
Glasses have always been a staple of the locker room party, so our marketing team thought it would be fun to put our spin on this supreme moment. Having the winning team wear them authentically increases the visibility of our brand and the work we do as millions watch from home.

What was the main objective of the marketing team for this specific part of the campaign?
We wanted to bring the celebration factor to the fans, but also be part of the story and end this monumental 75th anniversary season in epic fashion.

Can you tell us more about the goggles and why they are so authentic/perfect for a championship celebration?
Our marketing team thought it was time to create a special pair dedicated to this occasion. Our Victory Goggles match the premium NBA Finals theme with high quality goggles featuring a gold trim and lens to really make them stand out. This look is very similar to the NBA championship trophy theme, the Larry O’Brien Trophy.