Only 0.1% can spot 25 animals in 75 seconds on the image. Can you ?

Optical illusions rule the internet. These mind-blowing brain teasers can brighten up your day once you manage to complete the test within the time limit. In the optical illusion image below, you can see either a man’s face or animals. Not just one or two, but to be precise, there are 25 animals that are present within the confines of a man’s face.

The challenge is to spot all the animals in 75 seconds. This means you have 1 minute and 15 seconds to complete the global challenge. If you are able to do this, you will find a place among the 0.1% of the world’s population who have been able to achieve the feat.

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To be honest with our readers, not even 1% of contestants were able to find all 25 animals in the beautiful optical illusion image below.

We invite you to try it below. Find 25 animals in the picture in 75 seconds. We will also provide you with advice.

Optical illusion image: what do you see?

This portrait was designed in the style of the 16th century followed by an Italian artist who is called Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He was famous for creating human heads from food objects.

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The basic animals that you can spot in the image below are:













Eagle-eyed users might also find a sloth, grasshopper, macaw, and snail. These animals are clearly visible but have merged with the colors so well that they have become difficult to spot.

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One can easily spot an elephant and a dolphin with a lizard in the picture. Can’t you spot the macaw or a parrot as many might say in the center of the image just above the rabbit forming the man’s nose?

Now look around you at what appear to be the eyes of the man. You may spot a creature resembling a sheep, a turkey and a ladybug or a cockroach with a shelled animal. There is also a starfish.

Behind the elephant hides a snake and on the other side of the face, we can see a bird with a long black beak. It appears to be a shoebill. Readers who might spot the beast might be able to tell they’re in the top 1%.

One user wrote, “It’s easy when the grass looks different!”

Another replied: ‘Found it, just needed to see (the) distorted pattern’.

We’re sure you were able to find all 25 animals in 75 seconds. You might also like the following optical illusion tests:

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