New Eyes launches high-end prescription eyewear brand Azimuth

Proceeds from purchase funds free glasses for low-income people

SHORT HILLS, NJ, October 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New Eyes, a 90-year-old nonprofit that provides free new eyeglasses to financially challenged children and adults, has launched Azimuth goggles Wednesday, a new line of high-end prescription eyewear. With every Azimuth purchase, New Eyes will provide two new prescription glasses to people in financial difficulty in the United States. Azimuth’s inaugural fall collection is eco-friendly and locally made, offering 15 different styles that guarantee a frame for everyone.

“Our new initiative is a tribute to our innovative founder, Julia Lawrence Terry, who created New Eyes in 1932 by melting down gold frames and using the proceeds to buy eyeglasses for people with limited financial resources. Azimuth by New Eyes is inspired by his ingenuity and creativity to finance our mission. Our Azimuth customers will make targeted purchases and together we will impact the lives of low-income families through United States thanks to the simple but essential tool of glasses,” said the executive director of New Eyes John Gajano.

Glasses are a transformative tool that enables children to learn and improves the quality of life for adults personally and professionally. According to a recent John Hopkins study, about 95% of first-grade non-readers had significant vision problems. In 2020, the CDC documented that vision loss is one of the top 10 disabilities in adults and one of the most common disabling conditions in children. The annual economic impact of major vision problems in the adult population aged 40 and over is greater than $145 billion.

“Being able to fully participate in school, work or leisure activities has such a profound impact on an individual, regardless of age. New Eyes provides a catalyst – a pair of glasses – that empowers young and young people to see better and hopefully realize their own New Eyes will continue to sound the clarion call for those who need clear vision until that need no longer exists,” said said the chairman of the board of directors Kristine Van Amsterdam.

Each Azimuth buyer receives the first names, states and ages of the people to whom New Eyes has provided new glasses free of charge. In this way, New Eyes creates a unique donation circle. Through its new Azimuth line, New Eyes continues to provide eyewear to those in need, furthering its mission that began 90 years ago.

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