PARIS, September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About September 17 and on the 18th, Kering will participate for the seventh consecutive year in the European Heritage Days by opening the doors of its headquarters, the former Laennec Hospital, at 40, rue de Sèvres in Parisincluding one evening on Saturday.

Photograph by Sophie Alyz for Kering (© Sophie Alyz)

As every year since Kering reopened this historic site in 2016, the Pinault Collection is supporting the event by presenting a new exhibition by Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt. For the first time, the exhibition will be part of women on the movethe Kering program which highlights the contribution of women to culture and the arts.

In the East Cross space in Laennec, Kering and Balenciaga will present archive pieces created by Cristóbal Balenciaga, offering the public a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of the House and discover a new facet of this “textile heritage “.

40 rue de Sèvres, the former Laennec hospital

40, rue de Sèvres, is one of the Paris’ heritage gems. Housing the Laennec hospital until 2000, it then underwent a vast rehabilitation project, the architectural masterpiece having undergone numerous modifications to its original appearance to meet the demands of the hospital life.

© Sophie Alyz

© Sophie Alyz

The challenge was immensely complex: restore the site without betraying its spirit, while respecting its listed spaces, such as the chapel built during the reign of Louis XIII.

Since 2016, the site has housed the headquarters of Kering and Balenciaga. The Group has actively contributed to the revival and change of use of the site, with the greatest respect for its architectural quality and its historical dimension.

To mark the 39e During the European Heritage Days, the theme of which is Sustainable Heritage, Kering wanted to make people discover the history of this exceptional place and make each generation aware of the importance of preserving and enhancing heritage.

Aria of Inertia: A new exhibition by Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt with the Pinault Collection

As a member of women on the move program for the first time, the Pinault Collection and Kering are particularly proud to present this year the exhibition devoted to the work of Edith Dekyndt. Entitled “Aria of Inertia”, it presents a selection of works from the Pinault Collection and new pieces created for the very special space of the chapel of the former Laennec hospital.

Re-articulating what has been separated – appearance and reality, subjectivity and nature, the inert and the living – Edith Dekyndt’s work inspires us to rethink our expectations and our habits, and to open our eyes. The artist constantly reassesses the rightful place of humanity and its relationship to the environment.

One of the works presented in the chapel is accompanied by a choreography that visitors will only be able to discover during Heritage Days.

© Barth Decobecq

© Barth Decobecq

By exhibiting a monograph by a contemporary artist in Laennec, Kering is significantly strengthening its commitment to women in culture and the arts. Having started in 2015 in the world of cinema, the women on the move The program has since expanded to include photography, notably through a partnership with the Rencontres d’Arles, as well as music, choreography, art and design.

An exhibition by Balenciaga: “Dresses, beyond time”

In 2001, Balenciaga set up an archives and heritage department dedicated to preservation, promotion and creation, implementing a policy for the conservation and acquisition of works by Cristóbal Balenciaga. Today, more than 900 pieces by the Spanish master enrich the collections of this heritage department.

As part of European Heritage Days 2022, Balenciaga wishes to highlight a selection of these unique creations. These dismantled, oxidized, open, discolored or unfinished works allow us to study their skeletons and understand their assembly, form and movement. Due to their fragility, they must be handled with precision and care, while many conservation techniques are also deployed, such as the use of neutral pH materials, which can slow down the aging process and give new life to a fading material. a way. These interactions are precious, allowing this “archeology of memory” to become not only a testimony of the past, but also a source of inspiration for future creation.

Visiting Laennec offers a unique opportunity to discover a selection of these pieces. As part of a living dialogue between the past and the present, certain dresses have inspired the 51st couture collection, which was presented in July 2022. A presentation video will be projected alongside the heritage works, bringing a contemporary echo and illustrating the harmony between the radical style of Cristóbal Balenciaga and the innovative creative vision of Demna.

Throughout the weekend, the Laennec restorers will work on pieces from the archives and heritage department, demonstrating conservation techniques for works weakened by time.

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Open September 17 and 18 of 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (last entry at 6 p.m.), and in the evening on Saturday 17 until 10 p.m. (last entry at 9 p.m.).

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(PRNewsfoto/Kering Asia Pacific Limited)

(PRNewsfoto/Kering Asia Pacific Limited)