Meet Corrina Day, the film photographer behind your favorite images

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With the rise of the culture of influence, there is a lot of pressure to over-share on social media. Whether it’s posting daily selfies or photos of your recent whereabouts, there’s almost an obligation to reveal every part of yourself for the sake of ‘online authenticity’, even if it means exposing yourself to millions of people. But for Corrina’s Day, she does it in a different way and it is through her work. Since getting her start in photography with a beginner’s film course at Pace University, the film major quickly morphed into a full-time freelance photographer and creative director, with her work featured in venues. campaigns for 10011 Magazine, fashion brand Saint Sintra and, more recently, cult eyewear brand Lexxolas Launch of the “Global City Tour”.

For Lexxola, Day was tasked with personifying New York and Los Angeles through the brand’s iconic images, models and sunglasses. “It’s like any other big city when you break it down,” Day says, photographing the essence of LA. “I wanted to capture the model doing what she would do in her normal life, and I think that’s an important aspect of my photography. in general is that I like the “realistic lifestyle concept” more, even though I do a dramatic version of that, I just like to play with realism. “

Day, who divides her time between LA and NYC, turned out to be the quintessential cool girl behind the lens. Known for her precocious aesthetic and her experiments with angles, her photos are both nostalgic and relatable, with a very organic and playful touch. Her images have also become a fan favorite online, as she is able to capture raw emotions and personalities, as well as the true essence of a landscape no matter where she is. Plus, with nearly 25,000 subscribers and relying on TikTok, Day slowly but surely invites viewers into his world, from behind-the-scenes viewing of his photoshoots to offering editing tutorials.

In fact, Day might be ready to show off more online, but it will take time, she says. “Photography is one of the main reasons I find the courage to share my own work on social media, because I wouldn’t have a job without social media. and I did it so I could turn something I love so much into a job, ”Day told NYLON. “I’m really struggling to get started, and it’s something I’m trying to improve myself. I like to share on my [Instagram] Stories, but I literally can’t seem to post a photo of myself on my News Feed. But I hope that someday I will feel good doing it.

Upcoming, Corrina Day discusses her thoughts on photography, film cameras, social media and more.

On Working With Film Vs. Digital Photography

“Cinema is how I really learned to do photography and my first real photography class that I took in first year of college was Film 101. In fact, I learned real techniques with it. photography, like how the shutter works, the aperture and all the technical parts of it. I learned to use a darkroom and develop my own work, and fell in love with the process, so I feel like I fell in love with the medium itself.

Film is more convenient than digital, and I love the thrill of taking a photo and having to do all the work myself. It sounds so cheesy when I say it, but I feel like the way I see things with my eyes and visualize them in my brain is the way the images turn out with the film, whereas with the digital, there is a bit of coldness and part of it has to do with the fact that I can’t pinch the film like I can with digital. I can take 100 digital images and be dissatisfied, but I literally need a film frame to feel like I captured something truly authentic and special at that moment. All the imperfections end up being what I love most about the job.

On his favorite camera

“I alternate with different cameras for different reasons, but I would say my trusty camera is my Canon EOS 1V. It’s the last film camera Canon ever made before going digital, and it’s super unique because it contains both digital gear and cinematic gear, but it’s still a film camera. Personally, I also like it because it looks like a digital camera and it trips my clients who are a bit reluctant to let me shoot because of it. But if I’m going out and want to have a fun camera, I always recommend the Olympus Infinity. It’s like a little point-and-shoot, you can take automatic photos all night long and the photos will be perfect forever. Like if you were going out, this is the perfect camera to have, I swear.

On his relationship with social media

“Like everyone else, I have a ‘love-hate relationship’ with social media. When it comes to my own account, I definitely do it like a wallet. I’m trying to get more self-employed because I know that’s a big reason people want to invest in you if they know you and you’ve shared your personality which I find so hard to do . Not because I think it’s cranky or weird – in fact, I really admire people who can easily share – but I don’t know why when it comes to me, I find it hard to share my thoughts. own stuff.

Photography is a big reason why I find the courage to share my own work on social media, because it is a huge source of this work. I wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for social media, so I obviously love it in that capacity because it put me where I am and allowed me to transform something that i love so much in a job. I’m really struggling to get started, and it’s something I’m trying to improve myself. I like to share on my [Instagram] Stories, but I literally can’t seem to post a photo of myself on my News Feed. But I hope that someday I will feel good doing it.

About sharing yourself online

“Remember that at the end of the day people are full of love even though there is as much hate as it seems. When you grow a community of people who care about what you do, they are going to care about you too. They won’t only be happy when they see your work, but they’ll actually be more invested in what you have when they get to know you and have a face to the name. Even though it is scary, I feel like at the time you will receive a lot more positivity when you expose yourself in a genuine way. A big part of being on social media is obviously opening up to the internet, which is weird and scary, but it’s a huge reason why people can do what they love. I’ve seen so many people being able to build careers in these weird little niches of things that they love so much because they were willing to get in there, and at the end of the day people are so much more welcoming. as it seems. People want to know more about you, and people want to see what you have to say, so you just have to see it that way.

On his guilty pleasures on social networks

“My guilty pleasure is cooking videos on Tiktok and on Reels. I’ll literally be scrolling through my feed watching cooking and Mukbang videos for hours on end, like that’s literally the way I relax after work. I am a great cook and when I grow up I want to open my own restaurant because I am a big foodie. My father owns a restaurant and I grew up in a restaurant environment. My mom is also a great chef and I grew up with the food that was so important to me so I can literally watch people cook and eat for hours on end. I also love those ridiculous organization videos where they’ve got all the gadgets you ever needed for a home and you’re like “Who in the world are these things?” But I will watch them forever.

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