Looking like a movie star is now easy. Get These 7 Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are a league of their own when it comes to timeless eyewear. Back in the days when short-lived trends swept through fashion and eyewear collections, aviator sunglasses have remained in vogue over the decades since their introduction. There can be many factors that play into the success of a classic pair of aviator specs, as they have solidified their space in fashion as well as pop culture.

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Aviator sunglasses for men have found their place as iconography of the bold and suave protagonist who often dons a pair on the silver screen. OfSuperior gun at Dabangg, a movie star rocking a pair of aviator sunglasses immediately becomes an icon for the masses, with the simple addition of a timeless accessory. You can wear the aura of a movie star by purchasing your clean pair of aviator sunglasses and live your life to the fullest as embodied by this pair. Therefore, let’s take a look at this selection of aviator sunglasses for men and how they can help turn into movie stars.

Black in the classics

The standard for all aviator sunglasses for men was set by the classic pilot sunglasses that were born out of necessity. These features have found their way into fashion, and the rest is history. These glasses are a symbol of this classic and timeless aesthetic; one that only thrives with time. This pair of aviator frames in black is the gentleman’s accessory through the seasons, as they keep you sharp and chic wherever you go.

Beat the Blues?

As eyewear designs become more experimental and versatile with each season, the new trend of colored lenses has also found its way to aviator sunglasses for men. The vivid blue of this pair of aviator features is sure to breathe some life into your wardrobe and everyday look. The shade also goes with all types of ensembles, whether casual or professional. When you put on this pair of sunglasses, your aura is bound to become more alive and brighter.

Gradients in gray

Another trend that has taken over most eyewear collections is gradient lenses. The lenses of men’s aviator sunglasses have always been in the classic shades of black and brown, but this pair offers a welcome change from the conventional and showcases a modern take on the classic pair. The metallic gray body of the aviator frames is complemented by the slight gradient of the lenses that cascade into a lighter shade towards the bottom.

gold and greens

No list of aviator sunglasses for men is complete without adding a pair that epitomizes opulence and class. These gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses are closet must-haves that fit all face shapes and outfits through the seasons. The magic of these sunglasses lies in their versatility and comfort. The combination of green tinted lenses and gold temples creates a memorable silhouette that looks straight out of a movie.

gangster gold

These aviator sunglasses for men are sure to appeal to any man striving to be the hero of his own story. These glasses were almost designed with the sole purpose of turning heads. This unconventional take on aviator spec is a must-have for your men’s eyewear collection. Brown and gold transport the wearer to a sepia world of luxury and class, with chunky gold accented temples adding to the mystique of this pair.

Money to serve

This pair of aviator sunglasses is for the airy, laid-back protagonist who yearns to pull back on their sail and embark on a new adventure. The design of these sunglasses is true to the original, where the lenses are also a sophisticated blue tint held together by a silver frame. These glasses are a closet essential as the color palette makes them versatile for all occasions and ensembles, whatever the season and time of day.

The bold front line

Making the slightest change to a classic design can catch the eye of the seasoned eyewear aficionado, and this pair is a case in point. These men’s aviator sunglasses have a simple change from the original design, where the iconic double bridge has been removed, giving way to a single yellow bridge on the front line. The lightweight lenses along with the unique browline make this an interesting modern take on a classic that is sure to grab your attention.

Therefore, looking like a superstar is just a pair of sunglasses. The sharp spirit embodied by a pair of aviators has spanned the seasons and decades of eyewear trends for a reason: it’s for everyone. The pair is endlessly versatile and can help you look cool and mysterious while making you look approachable and friendly wherever you go. It goes well with most ensembles and has great functional sun protection benefits. To find your own pair of classic aviator sunglasses, check out Titan Eyeplus and their curated collection of aviator specs for the movie star in you.