It’s illegal in Massachusetts for guys to have this

Author: Jesse Stewart

We’ve had quite the theme lately as we looked at some of Massachusetts’ weirder laws. Some people may say that these laws are downright stupid. It’s hard to argue when you look at how ridiculous some of these Massachusetts laws are. We looked at a milk carton / can degradation law as well as a sleep / snoring law and these are at the very least things that get you going hmmmmm or better yet, whaaaaat?

Another illegal law in Massachusetts according to multiple sources that is a bit of a puzzle has something to do with facial hair, especially goatee. The official law goes like this:

Goatees are illegal unless you obtain and pay for a license to wear your goatee in public.

So many questions here, including the obvious. There must be some sort of solid reasoning behind it. If you know, explain. One could argue that it makes sense that in some business contexts it would require a clean shave depending on the policies and practices of the company or organization, but this scenario is probably rare.

Here in Berkshire County, I have met and am friends with a lot of people who have goatees and I’m pretty sure they don’t pay for a license to have them. What do you think of goatees, is this law just a bunch of noise or is it just another thing to be laughed at and taken lightly?

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