It Took 200 Steps to Make Todd Snyder’s Randolph Airmen


Collaborate with iconic American brands – Jack Purcell, J.Press, LL Bean, Birdwell, etc. – is central to the Todd Snyder brand DNA. However, the designer doesn’t just do them because these kinds of collaborations sell, but because they’re brands he knows and wears, even to this day. He forges connections between his personal life and these labels, bringing to light connections that one would assume a large percentage of his clients share. For the latest installment in this unofficial series, he worked with Randolph Engineering, a Randolph, Massachusetts-born eyewear brand responsible for manufacturing aviators for the US military.

“I’ve long admired (and worn) Randolphs because of their incredible quality, great American history, and authentic cool that comes from being the benchmark for generations of riders,” Snyder said. Bausch and Lomb may have invented aviators in 1936, when the United States Armed Forces, looking for a solution to help fighter pilots cope with eye strain at higher altitudes, asked them to produce light-blocking glasses. This original design is still sold, albeit as Ray-Ban now, but Randolph has been the army’s go-to supplier since 1982.

This responsibility hasn’t diminished the brand’s commitment to civilians, however, clearly. Each pair is handcrafted in a 200-step process at the brand’s family-owned and operated Randolph, Massachusetts-based factory. The collaborative collection, which is also backed by Randolph’s lifetime warranty, uses several new colors, some jewelry-grade materials, and polarized glass lenses. Snyder may have forced this creativity on them, but they were eager, not reluctant, to collaborate.

“The opportunity to marry two iconic American brands is exciting and ingrained in our DNA,” said Peter Waszkiewicz, CEO of Randolph. “For Randolph, it is important to collaborate with partners who value Made in the USA, timeless style, authenticity and detailed craftsmanship. Todd Snyder understood this and brought his own unique perspective on recreating ‘a classic product for a modern consumer.’

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Todd Snyder x Randolph Aviator (23 karat gold)

Todd Snyder x Randolph Aviator (Military Olive)

Todd Snyder x Randolph Aviator (Gunmetal)

Todd Snyder x Randolph Aviator (Matte Black)

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