Inside the fashion show inspired by Issa Rae’s travels with Delta Air Lines

We may know Issa Rae as an actor, writer and comedian, especially for his roles in Insecure and Revengeor for directing his latest HBO Max series, Rap shit!.

Now she’s a fashion curator of sorts, having created a show for Los Angeles Fashion Week, which is reimagined by N4XT Experiences.

Rae chose six independent fashion companies, ranging from a shoe brand to swimwear, to showcase fashion for the modern jet setter. She showcased them last night in the Advanced Airlines airport hangar in Hawthorne, Calif., with Delta.

“My collaboration with Delta’s Runway, Runway campaign does more than showcase the collections inspired by the travels of these six unique and creative designers,” said Issa Rae.

“It’s about elevating their stories, each deeply rooted in the belief that there is comfort in human relationships, strength in presence, and inspiration to be found in the adventures we embark on. .”

Last night, Rae explained to the public that she wanted to bring these limited edition clothes and accessories by six companies that she is happy to support. “It’s such a pleasure to spend time with them,” she told the audience. “Everything these creators have created is inspired by their own travels around the world, from China to Ghana, from New York to Miami. Let’s see what kind of inspiration you get from it.

Brands include clothing brand Oyster, stylish Ember Niche Eyewear, as well as Ponto Footwear, swimwear brand Ana Mero Swim, accessories brand Cadence and Classic Six Capsule wardrobes.

“This project has been a dream in the making for us, we are thrilled to partner with Issa Rae, and we want to connect people with experiences, and we believe in uplifting small business, so it was natural for us to partnering with Issa,” said Delta General Manager of Brand Marketing, Emmakate Young.

For designers, it’s important to think outside the box, especially for Ana Mero Swim designer Ana Mero. “Designing for inclusivity is very different from inclusivity,” Mero said. “In a realm of expression like fashion, it’s so important to include everyone and empower them. We’re pushing that narrative and also challenging the industry, so we can collectively make a difference.

For Cadence Toiletry Kit founder Steph Hon, the little containers she created are customizable, leak-proof and stylish. “It’s always nice to create something you need yourself,” said the Hon.

“They are waterproof and have rounded edges, so they are easy to clean. They are perfect for people like me, who travel with lots of skin creams but still want to take small portions with them in their carry-on, without compromising their daily routines.

For Ponto Footwear, they are the pioneers of the next wave of “work-leisure” footwear. “We need things to fit into our lifestyle and consume less,” says Ponto Footwear founder Aaron Roubitchek.

This brand of sustainable “dress sneakers” uses all-natural sugar cane moss in their soles (and are super lightweight). “It’s gender balanced and it helps us live more with less.”

It was a unique opportunity to work with Issa Rae for this Delta show, Roubitchek said. “Not everything Issa Rae does is about what is prescriptive in the industry, it’s about not accepting the status quo,” he said. “That’s what we try to do in the world of fashion and footwear. Delta was the bridge between those two things.

What if we created flat shoes for air hostesses? It’s 2022, after all. “We have a lot of ideas,” Rubichek said. “We design shoes like workwear, and we’ve created a super useful shoe. We are looking to align with Delta to be their uniform of choice. The possibilities are limitless.”

VIP guests included New York fashion blogger Katya Tolstoya, fashion designer Ziggy Mack Johnson and Jada Pinkett Smith’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, among others.