In a wildly ironic twist, the Brazilian surfing star travels to Italy for the 2024 Olympics as his Hawaiian wife prepares to surf for Brazil: “My great-grandfather on my father’s side was Calabrian! “

“A life well lived in every way.”

Initial reports indicate that Southern California surfer and businessman Dan Flecky has died. A stroke was listed as the cause of death.

Dan Flecky hadn’t been surfing much lately, like many of us, and had actually moved to the landlocked state of Missouri a few years ago. His social stories were mostly full of country life on the Lake of the Ozarks.

He actually seemed very happy.

Let’s talk about a few previous days.

Right off the bat, when Dan came out paddling, during his prime, he fucking ripped.

But, he also maintained a very appropriate underground vibe during those creepy mid-70s early days. He eventually became one of So Cal’s established “pros” and was featured in considerable publicity as well as editorial coverage. vintage surf rags. Its unique 50/50 color palette becomes its trademark.

Solid in Hawaii, good sponsors, smooth back and forth between HB and Newps (which he did often and which was not an easy task), he was an early inspiration to many. we. In retrospect, Dan almost single-handedly filled the strange gap in Southern California surfing that nearly went silent once the Mike Purpus show faded, then reemerged nearly a decade later. with the Echo Beach scene and other pockets of progression along the coast.

Dan not only made the jump, but he was right in the middle with the slightly younger crew from Newport who had started reinventing surfing during this time.

As one of Peter Schroff’s early muses, Dan helped push Pete’s experimental gear and should be noted as a key player who bridged the gap between early ’70s soul surfing and something more futuristic until the 80s.

As professional surfing began to fade, Dan opened a low-key but prominent screen printing business located right at ground zero of the budding surfing industry in Costa Mesa. He was, literally and figuratively, very well positioned as many of his clients were among the same small start-ups that eventually became the biggest surfing brands. Quik, Billabong, Maui and Sons and many others all used Dan as an important supply chain partner during this time.

Soon after, he and partner Jack Martinez launched the famous but highly successful Black Flys line of eyewear. If there was a company that had more fun in the early 90s, I must have missed something.

Excerpt from Warshaw’s Encyclopedia of Surfing,

“(He) quickly gained a reputation for his sinister marketing campaigns, including Caligula-style parties of decadence, a promotional video titled Rat [email protected]#ed, and a publicity blitz featuring busty strippers wearing only strategically placed Black Flys stickers. In 1996, the company achieved a turnover of 10 million dollars.

However, as priorities shifted, Dan left for Missouri, but he was still the same dry, sarcastic, smart ass we knew him for on his social media. He kinda liked her Facebook.

We will miss you brother, but congratulations on a life well lived, in every way.

Have a good trip Dan.