How Brandmovers located the #LetsVogue global campaign for Vogue Eyewear

Recently, Vogue Eyewear enlisted Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu as an ambassador to India to showcase their signature #LetsVogue campaign. He portrayed Taapsee in a series of relatable situations, emotions, and conversations the contemporary woman has with herself as she goes about her day and has become an instant hit. exchange4media recently interacted with the brand and agency behind the work, Brandmovers about the campaign, its popularity and its next phase. The edited excerpts follow:

  1. Can you explain the whole concept and idea behind the #LetsVogue campaign to us?

Gunjan Saigal, Commercial Director of the Vogue Eyewear brand: “#LetsVogue is our global communications platform that recognizes that all of our consumers are real-life vogue-ers and invites them to join the movement in celebrating their individuality and all that makes them who they are – which is. their vogue. The campaign reflects the everyday emotions of modern Indian women with Taapsee leading the narrative with her unparalleled authenticity and effortless style. “

Suvajyoti Ghosh, Founder and Managing Director of Brandmovers India: “Vogue Eyewear partnered with us to promote their new product line in association with Tapsee Pannu through an integrated campaign. The idea was to use Tapsee’s effervescent personality as a representation of the modern Indian woman and show off exactly how well the new eyewear line fits We hope consumers can see themselves represented in this campaign and feel inspired to embrace Vogue Eyewear in their everyday style.

  1. How was Brandmovers India involved in running the campaign through the media?

Suvajyoti Ghosh: “Brandmovers was mobilized to locate the #LetsVogue for India campaign. I think most of the global brands fail to do this the right way when they launch their global campaigns in India without localization and it mostly becomes a replay of a global ad that doesn’t connect well with the Indian audience. For Vogue eyewear, we designed the local Taapsee-centric film and campaign, along with a print photo shoot and digital content elements.. ”

Adrijaa Sanyal Senior Creative Director Brandmovers India: “The idea of ​​this film was to create a perspective for our consumers to look at life through the lens of Vogue Eyewear. The brand’s new product line inspires fashion embrace in a way that leaves a mark of personal style in everything it does. If life can be made cool, life gets a lot more fun – that’s what we’re basically trying to convey through the film and the campaign as a whole.

  1. How has the filming of campaigns changed in the era of the ongoing pandemic? Did you encounter any difficulties in the execution of this campaign?

Elroy Rodricks, Head Creative and Strategy Brandmovers India: “Outside of the first few days of the Zoom shoots, things are now back to normal on the campaign shooting front for us. Together with our partner teams, we’ve put in place security protocols that work like clockwork to guarantee the testing of everyone on the set, the closure of areas reserved for essential teams, hide security, etc. so that the actual shoots are not affected while ensuring the safety of all. ”

“With the team at Vogue Eyewear, we have a relationship built over years of successful campaigns which I think gives them the confidence to trust us to conceptualize, plan and execute their biggest campaigns year after year. . This year was no different, times were difficult but the work between the teams was as fluid as ever. ”

  1. The film received huge success on Youtube. Can you tell us how you plan to explore this in the future, especially on digital platforms?

Gunjan Saigal, Vogue Eyewear brand manager: “We are delighted that the campaign was appreciated! In addition to social and digital platforms, we have also received excellent responses from relevant stakeholders through our print and in-store campaigns (physical and e-commerce). We will continue to scale up the campaign through the holiday season with Taapsee in its relevant commitments. ”

  1. Public preference has changed dramatically over the past year. How did you integrate this into the marketing of this activity?

Gunjan Saigal, Vogue Eyewear brand manager: “This development has been going on for some time; Generation Z is increasingly engaging in real, relevant and authentic conversations and is also seeking this philosophy in their favorite brands. Our campaigns echo the brand’s philosophy and offer the perfect blend of authenticity and playfulness. in the expression of fashion. “

Adrijaa Sanyal Senior Creative Director Brandmovers India: “All communication is true to our audience’s current state of mind. The voiceover is one of hope and celebration of oneself even as they live their life on their own. Visually, we tried to maintain the beauty of the solo life, where we can see Taapsee erase the past and move forward into the future, roughly summing up the need of the hour for society as a whole. Our intention was to be in touch with the young contemporary urban women that I think we were able to do very well with this film. “

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