HISTORY mfg. and Distrcit Vision Release biodegradable sunglasses

District Vision’s Takeyoshi sunglasses are described by the brand as “the most comfortable frame in sport” and now, having collaborated with STORY mfg., It can also boast of being biodegradable.

The unprecedented dedication of STORY mfg. to create products responsibly without compromising on style means Highsnobiety has fallen in love with the brand’s hand-woven designs. Now, as part of this entry into the eyewear world thanks to District Vision, we are delighted to see that the two brands have found common ground in their enthusiasm for craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

Handcrafted in Japan, the sunglasses feature District Vision Earth Tech which is created from cellulose from inedible plant waste. This makes the frame of the sunglasses part of a closed-loop system, meaning they are both biodegradable and recyclable – although the labels are keen to emphasize that this is only possible once. that you have removed his lenses, nose pads and ear pads.

The dark brown bioplastic frame is complemented by District Vision’s D + Black Rose lenses that adapt to different lighting conditions, making them feel like they are switching between darker and lower hues. The design is signed with the phrase “الحركة بركة”, which translates to “movement is a blessing” in one of the STORY mfg. native languages ​​of co-founder Saeed Al-Rubeyi.

Sunglasses arrive with a “solar pouch” in which they can be carried. The naturally dyed bag features a crochet brown checkerboard pattern with a string that allows you to hang it around your neck. One of many examples of the emphasis STORY mfg. on the community, the collaborative label in the sleeve is printed en bloc in an autism center run by mothers in partnership with Tharangini Studio.

Next to the carry bag is also a special edition necklace which features a foot pendant hand carved from soapstone and finished with tulsi wood beads.

The sunglasses and the goodies that come with them are available now at HISTORY mfg. and Neighborhood visionthe online store of. Check them out in the editorial above, shot in Goa, India.

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