Hasbro introduces the NERF Pro Gelfire Mythic which uses hydrogel cartridges

For years, Hasbro’s NERF line has provided us with toys that shoot projectiles that are supposed to be safe to play with. Their plastic weaponry uses foam-based ammunition ranging from darts to bullets. To meet the ever-changing demands of children and adults around the world, the company announces the Gelfire Mythic. This new line marks another major change.

Marketed under its NERF Pro label, it’s the toymaker’s take on hydrogel blasters, which have exploded in popularity. While the darts and foam balls were already great, some complained about the range and accuracy. With fierce competition from Spyra, which uses a proprietary system to fire water bullets.

The Gelfire Mythic comes with a rechargeable battery, 10,000 hydrogel pellets, goggles, and the blaster itself. Design-wise, the main body looks just like any other NERF weaponry. The bright orange tip on the barrel indicates that it is for recreation. There is only one colorway for now which is red/grey/white/orange.

Instead of a magazine, it comes with a hopper that can hold up to 800 cartridges of absorbent polymer. Switch between automatic or semi-auto fire via a dial near the extendable stock. An integrated grip helps keep your aim steady for accurate shots. It fires them at high speed, which equates to accuracy and range.

We are not sure if it is compatible with other hydrogel pads. Otherwise, you have to get it directly from Hasbro. These are single-use ammunition that explode on impact. It is currently unclear whether the material is biodegradable, but most modern offers on the market claim to be. Hopefully more models after the NERF Pro Gelfire Mythic are on the way.

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Images courtesy of Hasbro