Gentle Monster presents new logos in its 2022 pre-collection

Gentle Monster presents new logos in its 2022 pre-collection

Besides their primary purpose of protecting our eyes from the glaring sunlight, sunglasses can also add the finishing touch to your everyday outfits. Especially on days when you don’t necessarily feel good, these glasses can help conceal your identity and emotions while giving you that extra point on the fashion dashboard. Unfortunately, like fashion, eyewear trends are constantly changing; what may seem fashionable today may be outdated tomorrow. However, black acetate frames have always been in vogue and have earned the title of Eternal Style Classic. Regardless of the shape, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with a pair of black sunglasses.

Coincidentally, the Gentle Monster 2022 pre-collection only has black-rimmed sunglasses in various styles and shapes. New this season are brand new logos printed on the frames. The geometric icons can only testify to the futuristic vision and eccentricity of the South Korean eyewear brand.

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(From left to right : Crella, Duru, Lilit, Reny, Tambu)

As a brand proud of its innovative design codes, the collection is expected to be nothing but playful and still as stylish as ever. Available at all officials Sweet monster channels, including its flagship stores, this collection is guaranteed to make you feel like an unassailable fashionista.

(Images / Video: Gentle Monster 2022 pre-collection)

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