EyKuver: the perfect gift for the prescription eyewear user

Applying EyKuver film to corrective lenses is easy.

EyKuvers makes a great gift for anyone who wears prescription glasses. EyKuvers turns prescription glasses into prescription sunglasses with an anti-static film.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO, USA, Nov 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – EyKuver, the innovative eye protection solution that lets eyeglass wearers turn their glasses into sunglasses, makes a Christmas stocking perfect for anyone who uses prescription glasses.

EyKuver is a UV optical film which is an affordable, efficient and portable alternative to cheap sunglasses, awkward clip-on sunglasses and large oversized sunglasses. The tint film is applied to the lenses of prescription glasses, instantly transforming the glasses into prescription sunglasses. The film will not damage expensive eyewear as static adhesion is used to adhere to lenses without the use of chemical adhesives. Once applied, the tint film protects the user’s eyes from harmful UVA, UVB and glare. It’s as easy as peel, stick and taste!

“EyKuvers makes a great gift because it’s not a one-off gift. The EyKuvers come in three pairs per package, making them a gift that continues to be given, ”said Marcus Boggs, President and CEO of EyKuver.

The EyKuvers are great for all of the prescription eyeglass recipients on your list.

The golfer:
Golf bags carry tools of the trade, they also carry items to save the day. Add a pack of EyKuvers for those days prescription sunglasses are forgotten.

The reader bring-their-book-everywhere:
Avid readers don’t just read indoors, in fact one of the best places to read is outside under a tree or on a patio. Tip: use EyKuvers as a bookmark. So when you need to turn your readers into sunglasses readers, you’re good to go.

Children who wear glasses:
Few children who need prescription glasses have prescription sunglasses because they are expensive, and children often break and lose items. EyKuvers is a great protective solution that fits easily in a pocket or backpack to ensure your little one’s eyes are protected from UV rays.

For the skier:
Skiing with eyeglasses on a sunny day can literally be a headache with the intense winter sunlight reflecting off the snow. Adding a pair of Eykuver to a ski jacket pocket can turn an unpleasant situation into a great one.

The friend who is always prepared:
We all have the friend who thinks about it and is ready for anything. Giving them a pack of EyKuvers helps them save the day for themselves and for others!

About EyKuver
EyKuver was founded to improve eye health and make life easier for eyeglass wearers around the world. Based in the Rocky Mountains, EyKuver delivers on its promise to provide a more convenient, efficient, and affordable way to protect eyes from harmful UV rays and spend more time outdoors. EyKuver’s custom UV films provide instant protection to all eyeglass wearers that’s as easy as peel, stick and enjoy. Learn more at https://eykuver.com/.

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