Diva Fresh, the flagship 3-in-1 laundry solution from Hemas Consumer Brands – Adaderana Biz

Diva, the flagship laundry brand of Hemas Consumer Brands, has sought to create products with authentic Sri Lankan scents since its inception in 2003. It is a brand that has always understood the pulse of the local consumer and the boredom of washing clothes. Diva Fresh 3-in-1 is a range of products on the market specially manufactured using modern technology to provide users with three benefits in one package.

Benefits provided by Diva Fresh 3-in-1 include Perfume Magic, which provides long-lasting fragrance, as well as Fiber Clean Technology and Optical Brighteners, which provide superior cleaning and brightness to clothes. The Diva Fresh 3-in-1 action comes in several variations designed with a truly authentic local flair, including Diva Fresh Rose, Purple Lotus & Lavender, Araliya, Jasmine, and Sepalika.

To this day, Diva continues to create holistic solutions for the local household, and the fact that it offers 3-in-1 action, is a testament to Diva Fresh not only for being a true Sri Lankan brand, but also for understanding the brand of people’s laundry needs. Diva Fresh 3-in-1 is available island-wide in a wide range of sizes and can also be purchased through the Hemas E-Store at (https://hemasestore.com/brand/diva/).