Design meets science at Bangkok’s exclusive optical curator, Occura

In an effort to shed light on the art of crafting the perfect set of glasses, Occur combines facets of art, science and design to deliver both an intimate store experience and high-quality eyewear you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in town.

Buying a new pair of glasses can be a daunting task, especially with so many things to consider. When it comes to finding the right lens to solve the problem at hand, whether it is nearsightedness or farsightedness, a thorough examination is necessary. Eye problems can change over time, so finding the perfect fit can be difficult. Beyond the lenses, choosing the right pair of glasses to complement your face and highlight your personality is so important. Whether you opt for classic aviators, bold cat-eye frames, or sleek square frames, without the right kind of guidance trying on frame after frame can get tedious pretty quickly.

Enter Occura, the city’s one-of-a-kind optical curator, hoping to shift the focus away from the mindless search for the right eyewear, and put the power back in the hands of the consumer by offering a personalized shopping experience that encompasses detailed consultations. on specific vision problems before finding the perfect lenses and frames.

Store design

Located on Rama 9 Road, one of the first things that stands out about Occura is the fact that it is a standalone store. Unlike standard eyewear franchises, the founder Tanath Wispirom has used its design experience to establish a store that is as elegant as it is intimate. Designed to mimic a luxury boutique, Occura features a predominantly white color palette and targeted lighting.

As for the store’s standout features, Occura houses an impressive 6-meter-long eye exam room with a curtain that helps control the amount of light in the space to ensure that eye exams keep them safe. more precise are possible. In addition, the display cases have also been carefully designed. Not only have they been designed to give customers easy access to the selection of frames to explore different style options, but they’re organized to make it easy to shop for everything from everyday frames to eyewear suitable for special occasions.

Top level customer service

Beyond its sleek design, the store’s ethos goes beyond simply showcasing fashionable eyewear, and instead puts providing quality solutions for their customers at the top of their list. The store is a reminder of how the act of cutting a pair of glasses requires equal parts science and art and should be treated with the utmost importance. The process is more detailed than finding a suitable frame shape, it also requires paying attention to choosing and determining a lens design that meets the needs of the eye and therefore requires professionals to know their customer to ensure that the most suitable solution is found.

At Occura, customer service is imperative because the store understands that the process is multi-faceted. As for the in-store experience, customers are treated with food and beverages to foster an atmosphere of comfort. The experience begins by thoroughly diagnosing the issue in question using tools that meet international standards and encouraging clients to consult expert optometrists on a range of issues, such as nearsightedness or nearsightedness, sensitivity in the light, the inability to concentrate while driving. , And so on.

To get to the root of the client’s concerns, an open dialogue is created between the optometrist and the client in order to foster a bond that will go beyond a single interaction and which will allow the client to better understand the problems with which he is confronted. and may face in the future. On average, eye measurements at Occura require a full service time of 45-60 minutes per case to ensure the exam is complete and to ensure quality care is provided in all areas.

A high quality selection

Beyond attentive service, Occura offers a wide range of high-end lenses from major brands as well as carefully selected frames. The professionals at Occura understand that the process of finding the right lenses cannot follow a “one size fits all” approach, which is why they choose to use their “Lens Lab” to facilitate the process and manufacture individual lenses that fit. to a single pair of eyes. These lenses are created according to specifications found during reviews and are produced by top brands such as Zeiss.

For executives, the store offers a plethora of high-end names that are both stylish and high-quality in their craftsmanship. These include global brands such as Lindberg and Oliver Peoples, as well as a selection of Japanese brands such as H Fusion and Eyevan, where eyewear design goes beyond style and focuses on equally important facets like durability and portability.

The founder intervenes

For a deeper understanding of the fundamental pillars of business at Occura, Founder Tanath Wispirom shares his insight.

What sets you apart from other high-end eyewear and eyewear stores?

Each pair of eyes that visits us receives the importance it deserves, because each case is different. We don’t have a package that suggests a solution to any problem. Instead, we can provide in-depth consultations for vision, eye health and lifestyle issues, we make no compromises at any point in the process.

What are some of the unique experiences a customer can expect when shopping at Occura?

Our service is focused on making the customer feel comfortable with every visit and we prioritize attention to detail. On your arrival, we would like to welcome you, we provide a catering service while you wait, our ophthalmologists are trained to find you the best solutions as well as glasses that will highlight your features, and our after-sales service is ready to help you. take care to maintain and perpetuate the quality of your purchases. Essentially, we strive to complete even the smallest tasks to the best of our abilities.

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