CES 2022 companies plant their flags in virtual worlds

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CES 2022 companies are planting their flags in virtual worlds. For meetings or talks with any of the companies below, you can contact the designated BWF represented on the list or contact Steve Winter. Each company has their own unique digital activation at CES 2022, which can be found by searching under the exhibitor directory link on the website.


What: A clean technology company focused on air and water safety for people and the environment. Its patented and patent-pending ultra-fine particle agglomeration technology provides a revolutionary method to mitigate the threat of hazardous particles at the nanoscale, including viruses and bacteria too small to be optimally managed by individuals. traditional filters or UV lamps. While MERV and HEPA filters effectively capture only particles down to 300nm and 10nm respectively, Atmofizer technology quickly reduces airborne ultrafine particles with no disposable filters and low maintenance. Atomization is the process of using ultrasonic sound waves to agglomerate (bundle) small particles into a larger target which is then irradiated with ultraviolet light to neutralize their harmful properties, making the air less hazardous to health. Atomization eliminates these dangers of breathable air in offices, schools, homes, places of worship, places of entertainment, hotels, restaurants and more.

Booth: # 52946 – Venetian Expo Center, 2nd floor
Media event: Pepcom, Tuesday, January 4, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., Mirage Exhibition Center

Day Blue

What: Based in Toulouse, France, BLEU JOUR is a manufacturer of award-winning computers (PCs, Mini PCs, Workstations, Embedded PCs, etc.) and accessories with multiple designs, based on the five founding pillars of the company: Quality, Aesthetics, Innovation, practicality and exclusivity. In a constantly evolving world, BLEU JOUR designs products where aesthetics are combined with innovative technological solutions, initially achieving an impact on the market with the launch of Kubb, a design and customizable computer in the form of a cube of 12 cm. Handcrafted in-house, the technical components of BLEU JOUR come from major suppliers, with Intel® the brand’s main partner for motherboards.

Booth: # 61045 – Venetian, Eureka Park, 1st floor & # 18789 at the Intel booth in the LVCC central hall


What: Cubtale is a care coordination platform that provides an easy way to track and manage your baby’s daily care activities, such as breastfeeding sessions, bottle amounts, medication intake, sleep duration, etc. Cubs are smart, palm-sized buttons designed for convenience. Cubs can be freely placed wherever activities take place for quick access and with the push of a button translates diaries for parents, caregivers, pediatricians and experts in the Cubtale app. Cubtale also supports voice, smartwatch, and app recording while providing counseling for newborns and expectant parents.

Booth: # 61339 – Venetian, Eureka Park, 1st floor

Mounting box

What: Fittingbox, the augmented reality (AR) leader in the digitization of 3D glasses and frames, develops cutting-edge optical solutions based on machine learning, computer vision and now diminished reality (DR) . Behind the scenes of the technology of the world’s largest optical and luxury groups, Fittingbox was the first to launch the ‘virtual mirror’ allowing consumers to try on glasses via a desktop or mobile device, by real time, thanks to augmented reality. The company generates over 95 million virtual fittings per year and is the world’s largest database of 3D frames, with over 120,000 pairs and over 4,000 corporate customers.

Booth: 60414 – Venetian, Eureka Park, 1st floor

Human contact

What: A leading, award-winning force in the wellness landscape through its creation and production of high performance massage chairs, ergonomic zero gravity recliners and targeted massage products that not only relieve physical pain, but also reduce stress. Taking a unique approach to design, Human Touch utilizes the best engineering minds, physicians, world-class athletes and award-winning design teams to carefully design breakthrough products. Featuring its latest design, the ‘Super Novo’, the company’s advanced three-dimensional massage technology is the first to implement a Virtual Therapist ™, which allows the user to have full control of the chair at hand. using voice commands only for a tailor-made therapeutic experience.

Booth: # 15354 – Central hall LVCC


What: An Andorran startup markets internationally patented NFC wallets. The Keepser Cold Wallet is the easiest, most efficient, secure, and cost-effective solution for cryptocurrency investors today. By design, KCW supports all cryptocurrency platforms. It offers security and rights management at several levels. It is compatible with any standard or post-quantum cryptography and is ideal for businesses and consumers. Keepser Group has uniquely overcome the weaknesses of alternative solutions: nothing is stored in the cloud, phones or computers. No batteries are needed. It is compatible with any computer platform supporting NFC technology and does not require any subscription.

Booth: # 61250 – Venetian, Eureka Park, 1st floor


What: More than science fiction, the real-world emergence of the first commercial flying car is closer to reality. Through the integration of race car technology, French start-up MACA is poised to become a product leader in the market, ushering in a daring new era of propulsion designed on the principles of speed, safety and sustainability. In 2022, MACA will present its revolutionary hybrid carcopter, S Eleven, which is scheduled for delivery to the market by 2023. Unlike its competitors, MACA (1) is deploying clean combustion hydrogen fuel cells for longer flight times longer and the sustainability of green energy while (2) bringing a level of technological innovation that no other flying car developer can offer.

Booth: 61244 – Venetian, Eureka Park, 1st floor

Perfect memory

What: Perfect Memory has built a new generation of digital asset management (DAM) systems, the DAM-as-a-Brain. Our As-a-Brain technology is a highly versatile knowledge management platform that works with clients to collect, interpret and transform all data and content into natively actionable assets for operational teams and their ecosystems. Our users have fast, intuitive and comprehensive access to data and content, regardless of their nature and origin. This allows all operational and commercial needs to be met efficiently. Perfect Memory offers several scalable and customizable products and solutions to meet a variety of needs for each organization.

Booth: # 61254 – Venetian, Eureka Park, 1st floor


What: a global consulting firm dedicated to non-dilutive finance; Leyton invites three innovative startups, each winner of the annual Leyton Sustainable Startup Challenge, to exhibit at CES 2022 Eureka Park. The winners are Heole (green technology) from France, MOA (food technology) and Inbrain (neuroelectronics) from Spain. While championing these emerging businesses, Leyton’s main goal at CES is to present REV by Leyton – a digital platform designed to help businesses identify and claim U.S. tax credits. Claiming tax credits can be a complicated and cumbersome process for small businesses. REV by Leyton quickly and accurately guides businesses through the online tax claims process, while creating savings for businesses to reinvest in their businesses.

Booth: # 61247-51 – Venetian, Eureka Park, 1st floor

Each dose

What: EveryDose is a digital healthcare company committed to improving adherence through cutting-edge technology. Created after the founder noticed a loved one was having difficulty with medication management, EveryDose’s AI-powered platform helps patients stay on track with their medications while reducing costs , better results and better quality measures for health actors. The company’s end-to-end technology includes both predictive analytics and a mobile drug reminder app that has an average rating of 4.7 / 5 stars on the App Store.

Booth: # 8269 – LVCC North Hall – Digital Health

Media Event: CES Unveiled, Mon, Jan 3, 5 to 8:30 p.m., Mandalay Bay Coastal Exhibit Hall


What: Paris-based startup Veritise is deploying next-generation, enterprise-grade technology, based on the NEM Symbol blockchain platform to provide verification, identification, data collection and analysis services to a wide range of businesses. end users, from individuals to major players across multiple industries including retail, aviation, automotive, legal, finance, operations, talent management (HR), accounting and logistics . Use blockchain technology to meet the security and verification needs of businesses and individuals, Veritise offers the world’s only patent-protected system with a blockchain-as-a-service subscription model that allows a brand to certify authenticity of its physical products and services, in order to ensure traceability to its customers.

Booth: # 61074 – Venetian, Eureka Park, 1st floor


What: Discover Vivoo: your first home wellness tracker. Powered by advanced image processing and machine learning algorithms, the Vivoo app analyzes your urine to provide personalized, easy-to-understand lifestyle and nutrition advice, helping you make informed decisions about it. health. Vivoo tracks a wide range of parameters crucial for optimal health: hydration, urinary pH, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, urinary tract infections and organ well-being, among others. Vivoo helps you take charge of your health in record time, in just 2 minutes. That’s all the time it takes between taking a test and receiving the results on the app. It really can be done anytime, anywhere.

Booth: # 8307 – LVCC North Hall – Digital Health

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