Bloomingdale’s campaign celebrates 150 years of style and heritage with new ambassadors in Dubai | INSITE OOH multimedia platform

The the fashion department store chain, Bloomingdale’s once again takes off on UAE billboards celebrating a century and a half of style and heritage. Following their previous branding campaignBloomingdale’s releases its Fall/Winter 22 collections, honoring 150 years of excellence.

Upscale US department store Bloomingdale’s showcases new pieces from the Fall/Winter 2022 collection on new campaign billboards, using warm-toned advertising design and filming to capture the fall mood , as well as welcoming their newest brand ambassador, fashion consultant Hanan Houachmi, digital designer Fay Ezzat and fashion public figure Mohamed Alahbabi. The pieces presented are extremely trendy and stylish, guaranteeing the brand’s know-how to offer the public unique pieces for each season. The plan represented in the advertising spaces is exceptionally eye-catching, from the colors and decorations to the models and pieces paraded. Orange tones in advertising evoke feelings of prestige while symbolizing quality. The ad copy hosts Bloomingdale’s logo with the addition of “150”, ensuring viewers are aware of this achievement, as well as a subtle mention of the fall/winter collection which is now available in-store and online at the Bloomingdale’s website.

The Bloomingdale’s campaign is new and hit the roads of Dubai the first week of October on billboards.