Best prescription glasses for active outdoor enthusiasts

Whether you’re tracking a clay target as it lasered through a dark background, throwing at a barely visible bonefish, or trying to hit a corkscrew bobwhite quail as it Coming out of the terror of a cocker spaniel, the success of your business is often determined by how well you can see your prey. Fortunately, for people like me, we are living in the golden age of corrective sports lenses, with a plethora of options to suit almost any activity in any lighting condition. Here is a selection of high performance glasses for all budgets.

Bajio NATO

Look at the lens of this model and you’re likely to see a saltwater dish (no matter where you are), perhaps a guide guiding a Hell’s Bay skiff through the waters of Listerine as you shoot twice towards a 10 pound bonefish tail at the edge of the mangroves looking for breakfast. Although the Nato’s large frame may feel heavy, put them on and you will see that they are both light and comfortable as they are made from ultralight polycarbonate. Best of all, Bajio’s polarized lenses have special technology that penetrates through glare for better fish detection. The wide temples provide maximum sun protection and the non-slip rubber nose pads and rubber temple grips provide a snug, yet comfortable fit. The Nato is offered in six lens colors of glass and polycarbonate.

Ranger edge

Shooters have long embraced these glasses because they were co-designed by some of the best opticians in the industry. Angled lenses help prevent fogging and the adjustable nose bridge and arms provide a better and more comfortable fit. Having worn riflescopes over the years that groove the bridge of your nose and pinch above your ears, the Ranger Edge is a delight to wear all day long. The sleek design and clarity of the lenses (the lenses are produced by the legendary Carl Zeiss Vision) made them a pleasure to wear on a recent sporting outing on clay. The Ranger Edge is offered in a variety of lens colors for all lighting conditions.

Hy-Wyd Deco

This brand of sports glasses is well known to competitive shooters because the lenses (as the name suggests) are set high and wide to provide a wide field of view when looking down a shotgun barrel. If your pair comes a little too high for your comfort, there is an optional Hy-Lo bridge that allows shooters to adjust the height of the objective. The Decot are available in three sizes with a lightweight frame and interchangeable lenses available in over 40 colors. The narrow bridge also allows for enlarged peripheral vision in the nasal portion of the lens, and a front bar helps remove fogging while the cable temples hold the glasses in place comfortably.

Bollé Spy Series

This company has been manufacturing high-end eyewear since 1888 and the Bolle Safety division was launched in 1950. It has therefore had plenty of time to perfect its art. They have a long history of providing our military, police, firefighters and other first responders with state-of-the-art eyewear. Now they offer the same performance technology in their Spy sports eyewear series. The anti-fog and anti-scratch platinum coating instantly puts these glasses at the head of the class. Matte black frames and pale gray logo give the collection a cool tactical feel, and despite so much technology built into each pair, they come at surprisingly affordable prices.

Shaded ray speed

Put on a pair of Shady Rays and the first thing you’ll notice is how amazingly light and comfortable they are. Made with a durable matte black frame and anti-reflective coatings, they look as good as they feel. Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact resistant than plastic lenses, and the clarity of the pair I wore while hunting waterfowl in Canada was, in a nutshell, crystal clear.

XSight 2RX Sports Set

These scopes are well known in the archery world, but have now become a popular choice among shooters looking for versatile prescription options. The set is available in five colors: HD Brown — for bright light; Auburn — medium to bright light, sun or cloud; Deep purple — medium light; Vermillion — cloudy days; and Amber — for cloudy, dimly lit days. Prescription inserts are interchangeable with any of the five lenses.

Magpul Explorer

Designed with durability and style in mind, the Explorer frame and lens material is both lightweight and impact resistant. The rubber nose and temple handles are overmolded into the frame for maximum durability and provide a secure grip. Coated stainless steel pins provide consistently reliable hinge function.

Maui jim banyans

This brand is famous for their trendy look, but it’s the clarity of the lenses that strikes you the most when you put them on. Using advanced lens material, the optics are almost as clear as glass but only a third of the weight. The modified rectangular lens shape and fixed saddle-shaped nose pads make this a perfect non-slip model for almost any active outdoor enthusiast.

Bertoni shooting glasses

This model is offered in a set of four interchangeable anti-fog polycarbonate lenses that are available with prescription clip adapters. The frame consists of an ultra-light shatterproof gloss black finish. They offer 100% UV protection and the lenses are off-center to avoid optical distortions.

WileyX Saber

This model features a lightweight design that is comfortable enough to be worn all day. Selenite shatterproof polycarbonate lenses provide superior impact protection against stray granules or clay explosions and provide outstanding clarity as well as 100% UVA / UVB protection. Prescription inserts are available with multiple lens colors for all lighting conditions.

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