Best frogs in video games

For decades, these amphibians have graced video games and worked their way into our hearts one piece at a time. From lovable characters to dangerous enemies, they’re sure to put a smile on your face and cement their place in video game history.

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The many species of real-life frogs have inspired bright and colorful characters – these lovable creatures are just perfect for creating versatile yet classic designs that will see you through beyond the endgame. Their unique designs and memorable interactions make these frogs scene-stealers in their respective series, but which ones stand out the most? Let’s go.

ten Play The Leapers Game: Dixiefrog (The World Ends With You and NEO: The World Ends With You)

A screenshot of two Dixiefrogs in The World Ends with You.

Did you know that a group of frogs is called an army? Well, you wouldn’t want an army of those frogs chasing you. These mighty frogs will jump around your screen, using their hind legs to propel themselves in your direction.

They are distinguished from other frogs by their connection to the sound of play, giving them a striking appearance that resembles a tattoo. They’re fearsome enough, but it’s nothing Neku and his partner can’t handle, using shrinks to quickly take down these pesky amphibians.


9 A family man: Atul (Spiritfarer)

A screenshot of Stella hugging Atul with a cream colored cat standing next to them in Spiritfarer.

This caring and supportive frog helps Stella bring other spirits to the Everdoor, alleviating their regrets along the way. He is one of the first spirits to join you on your ship and provides you with plenty of company along your journey, which makes his eventual departure all the more poignant.

Unlike the other spirits aboard Stella’s ship, this frog will never turn down a meal and is always happy with what you give it. Her big body is perfect for hugs, especially when you’ve said goodbye to a dear friend.

8 Have fun: Kaeru (Kero Blaster)

A screenshot of Kaeru firing his blaster in Kero Blaster.

Kero Blaster is a classic style 2D platformer developed by Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, best known for his previous game, Cave Story. In this frog-themed game, you control a bipedal frog janitor who takes out enemies using different weapons, tackling obstacles thrown at him quickly and effectively.

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This game lives up to the retro games it’s based on, being a fun and sometimes challenging experience that’s made even greater by its green protagonist. Kaeru is lovable, perhaps borrowing his appearance from Daisuke Amaya’s Ame Manga, but he’s also effective in battle, performing his duty to clear Negativus Legatia with skill.

7 Never Forget to Save: Save the Frogs (Mother 3)

A screenshot of Lucas and Boney talking to a frog in a red car in Mother 3.

Mother 3’s Save Frogs allow you to save your game progress and withdraw or deposit DP in-game, changing phones and ATMs from previous installments in the series.

There are a multitude of different versions of the Save Frogs scattered across the Nowhere Islands, such as a ghost frog, a magic frog, and a motor frog. Their diverse designs are an entertaining part of Mother 3, and they’re extremely useful, ensuring your game is saved while providing you with all your amphibious needs.

6 The Fabulous Five Frog Tenors (Ocarina Of Time)

A screenshot of the Fabulous Five Froggish Tenors standing on a log in water in Ocarina Of Time.

You’ll find these fabulous frogs in Zora’s River as Young Link when you complete a side quest in Ocarina of Time. If you play your Ocarina for these colorful frogs, they will jump out of the water and jump to the beat of the notes you play. If you play Zelda’s Lullaby, Epona’s Song, Saria’s Song, Sun’s Song or Weather’s Song, the frogs will get bigger. You’ll want to play Song of Storms though: not only does it summon rain, but it will also make the frogs give you a Piece of Heart.

Once the frogs have grown, you can play your Ocarina to help them eat butterflies, rewarding you with another piece of heart. They have a good taste in music as the songs in Ocarina of Time are some of the greatest in the Zelda series, and these amphibians also give you useful rewards for interacting with them.

5 Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? No, it’s Superfrog (Superfrog)

A screenshot of Superfrog jumping in the air next to a bee in Superfrog.

Superfrog is a 90s 2D platformer about defeating a witch to save a princess in a twist on the Frog Prince fairy tale. Superfrog lives up to its heroic name, sporting a red cape to complement its simple green design.

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Superfrog is one of the most underrated video game frogs, but the game saw an HD release in 2013, showing there’s still love for this amphibious hero, despite the game’s eventual delisting. Either way, Superfrog is a staple of 90s gaming and deserves praise for its solid use of 2D platforming style.

4 The King (‘s Rock) Of The Frogs: Politoed (Pokemon)

Politoed curiously lifting tall grass in Pokemon anime

Politoed is a Generation 2 Water-type Pokémon. Its curly hair, rosy cheeks, and whirling belly make it an adorable Pokémon to have on your team, as well as a powerful ally if used correctly – you’ll want definitely teach it. Belly Drum for that sweet attack boost.

Politoed’s Pokedex entry tells how he uses his croaks to summon Poliwag and Poliwhirl, who gather from afar to obey their leader. This makes sense as it evolves from Poliwhirl when traded while holding a King’s Rock. When it comes to frog kings, Politoed is one of the most adorable, and fans of this Pokemon wouldn’t hesitate to join his royal court.

3 The One and Only Froggy Chair (Animal Crossing Series)

A screenshot of a blue-haired player character wearing a boat-patterned shirt and jeans sitting in a seat next to a green froggy chair in New Horizons.

OK, Froggy Chair isn’t technically a frog, but its frog-based design is memorable and the subject of many memes in the Animal Crossing community, causing a big stir when it was added to New Horizons.

This amphibious piece of furniture will bring a touch of frog to any room, and with new color options added to its New Horizons rendition, now is the perfect time to show off your love of frogs through this decorative item. The Animal Crossing series oddly features both frogs that you can catch and donate to the museum, and a species of frog villagers that you can invite to your town or island. However, Froggy Chair stands out from the rest, being one of the most coveted pieces of furniture in the series.

2 Maiden’s kiss, anyone? : Frog Cloud (Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake)

A screenshot of Tifa, Cloud, and Aerith transformed by the frog status effect in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Frog, or Toad, is a status effect in the Final Fantasy series. In Final Fantasy 7, your party members can be turned into a frog, preventing them from using commands like Magic and Limit Breaks.

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In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, characters affected by the frog status effect have unique designs: Aerith has a small bow, Barret glasses, Cloud has a Buster small sword, and Tifa suspenders. As the protagonist, Cloud is the best frog in the bunch because it’s endearing to see such a powerful weapon on the back of such a small frog. The status effect can be irritating during fights, but it’s worth seeing a frog version of Cloud jump across the battlefield while attacking enemies.

1 Frog in Shining Armor: Glenn (Chrono Trigger)

Animal RPG Games 2 chrono trigger toad

Glenn, aka Frog, from Chrono Trigger is a medieval knight who was transformed into an anthropomorphic frog after being attacked by Magus. This knight wields the legendary sword, the Masamune, and is a useful party member throughout the game, learning powerful technologies.

Glenn has one of the best storylines of any video game frog, as he learns to come to terms with his transformation and the death of his friend and mentor, Cyrus, to grow as a character. Frog’s Theme is also one of the best songs in the game and was performed at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Glenn carries the torch when it comes to RPG frogs and is the best the genre has to offer.

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