Best brands of eyewear for men

In fact, let me rephrase that title, “Best Brands of Men’s Eyewear, With Personality”.

I started to wear glasses about fifteen years ago and today, it is clear that they are indeed part of my identity.

Now I want the Brits to be braver with their choice of glasses instead of stumbling instead of just tripping over Vision Express for the best 2-1 deal. This does not happen with our European friends in Germany, France and the Netherlands, where glasses are seen as an extension of an individual’s identity and therefore frames, quite frankly, have more flair and of personality.

So to encourage guys to get a little more creative, I’ve featured seven brands that hopefully can inspire you to get a little more daring with your choice of specs.

Cult glasses

You might not have heard of this brand yet, so if you haven’t, I’d like to introduce New Jersey creators, Cult Eye-wear. They crossed the pond and entered the UK market in December of last year with a focus on recreating some of the most iconic frame designs of the 20th century.

New Jersey already has a rich heritage in optical manufacturing and Cult seems to be continuing the trend with its flagship frame, the Fairmount and new for 2015, the Fontana frame.

More frames on: Cult Frames

Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples, probably the most recognized brand on my list, cut to hold our hands over the past decade and tell us that vintage-inspired eyewear is okay Since they paved the way, they have continued to produce modern models, for the modern gentleman. The brand was founded in 1987 with a distinctive culture rooted in California, with each frame still meticulously handcrafted.

O’Malley and Sir O’Malley frames are the choice of the group, both available in a range of colors to suit your skin tone.

More executives on: Oliver Peoples


Lotho is another big player in the eyeglass market, and it’s definitely one of my favorite brands. Seven year old and based in Paris, Lotho has produced a variety of frames perfect for the Dapper Chapper with personality.

Executives Zacharay and Rene lead the way.

More executives on: Lotho

Harry Lary’s

Let’s stay a little longer in France and go to Harry Lary’s. The French eyewear house produces original frames that combine creativity and elegance. The brand mainly offers retro-futuristic shapes, all handmade, with an “unconventional & timeless chic”.

Definitely one of my favorite eyewear brands, check out these epic Hosty and Manifesty designs.

More frames at: Harry Lary’s

Andy wolf

Handcrafted in Hartberg, Austria, Andy Wolf is another brand that creates unique eyewear. They produce a range of classic and contemporary frames which are all coded by a number / letter system and I love the 4511C and 4515A:

More executives on: Andy Wolf


TYG Spectacles is a rising Italian eyewear line. With TYG standing for Three Young Gentlemen, I was naturally interested in the types of frames they produced.

The glasses are timeless and current but exude personality and I particularly like the Indro and Mr Ripley frames.


Last but not least on the list is Glints. Glasses handmade in Japan, Glints works for those on a tighter budget. They produce decent frames with bold identities, just without the hefty price tag. This is done by removing the middleman and sending the glasses to the consumer directly from the factory,

Discover the Nelson and Trego frames.

More frames on: Glints

I’m always on the lookout for new brands so feel free to comment to let me know if I missed any brands you think should have made the cut?

Also if you are a guy with more creative glasses i want to see then tweet me at @dapper_chapper

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