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Rikki dela pena

For Miss Philippine Youth 2019 Rikki Dela Pena, the COVID-19 pandemic is not preventing her from stopping helping the needy and inspiring others.

During her courtesy walk as the 2019 Miss Philippine Youth International at the Mr. and Miss Philippine Youth Coronation Party recently, Rikki said that she was able to host / mentor an online entertainment variety show. that enhances the talents of children and adolescents. And speaking of talent, his love for fashion and design is close to his heart.

Rikki continued her brand called Modernò in which she showcased some of the sunglasses she designed. Last May, she and her friends, family and neighbors helped victims of an unexpected calamity with a fundraising campaign.

They were also able to provide assistance to affected families, but without work, without pay, and provided a community pantry for families.

“Fortunately, there is a lot we can do to help make a difference in our community from the safety of our home,” she said.

She also took this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported her projects and encouraged everyone to join groups / charities and devote time to what matters.

Rikki’s full speech:

“The coronavirus pandemic is leaving millions of people sick, unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

“Thinking back to my life before the pandemic, I balanced my time modeling for designers, filming TV commercials and guests, attending events from different organizations close to me and meeting different people in course.

“But now, because of the pandemic, everything has slowed down and changed somewhat. Fortunately, there is a lot we can do to help make a difference in our community from the safety of our home.

“In June 2021, I started hosting an online entertainment variety show that inspires kids and teens to bring out and improve their talents.

“I am very honored to also be one of their mentors and to have shared my personal opinions and experiences. I believe that each of us here has a talent that we can share with others. We can use this time to be the best version of ourselves.

“And speaking of Talent, during confinement my love for fashion and design became closer to my heart. I started my own brand called modernò in which I showcase some of the sunglasses that I have designed.

“I also want this to be known as a genderless eyewear and a brand that stimulates everyone’s creativity.

“As a business owner, I also strive to support small, large local and international businesses. The challenges of COVID-19 have slowed most things down, but they have accelerated the adoption of the technology.

“By helping each other, we will survive and ensure the success of our businesses and our economy while ensuring safety.

“As an Ambassador of the ERDA Foundation, I really miss the physical activities with my ERDA brothers and sisters, like helping them to flourish in their studies and achieving their goals and talking to them one-on-one. head, I think if you really want something, nothing can stop you even the pandemic.

“I have used social media to reconnect with them by hosting online events / seminars. Through my talks, I was able to inspire them by sharing my personal experiences how to strengthen their mental health during the crisis, how to adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic. I always remind them, don’t just be a listener.

“Be a doer. Apart from that I also used the power of transport, during the start of the lockdown I was able to send face masks to children, families and staff without thinking twice. Health has become the most important and nothing else.

“Last November, another unexpected calamity occurred that took the homes and lives of many people. I have asked for help from my family, neighbors and friends who are ready to donate money, old clothes and food to the needy.

“Surprisingly and fortunately, we’ve been able to give them the right amount of help they need through our fundraising campaign.

“On May 15, on the occasion of the International Day of Families, we were also able to help the families of the ERDA who were very affected by the ‘No work, no salary’ situation.

“During the pandemic, as the number of cases increased, I was able to create a community pantry for our beloved friends.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported our projects. Life is short. Let’s not waste it.

“Let’s make every minute worth it by helping, inspiring others so that we don’t regret at the end. Let’s all live as an inspiration by simply acting like taking action on what matters, joining organizations and communities can change lives.



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