Award-winning neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman partners with eyewear brand ROKA

Eyewear technology continues to be at the heart of ROKA’s innovation. A world-class team of scientists, designers and engineers have joined the ranks of ROKA in recent years, with the goal of making eyewear that performs at the highest level, in all conditions and activities. Dr. Huberman is the first-ever neuroscientist to take on the ROKA mission and will bring a unique scientific perspective, particularly his theories on “optic flow” and visual-circadian biology – neurological phenomena that impact concentration, adjust anxiety, increase alertness, cognition and quality of sleep. With Dr. Huberman’s guidance, eyewear innovation at ROKA will continue to accelerate, bringing better quality eyewear to millions of people around the world.

“Teaming up with ROKA makes perfect sense to me,” says Dr. Huberman. “We both share a common vision that biology is truly powerful – and we are always looking for ways to harness the power of biology and the visual system to improve and optimize human health. As an extension of our brain, the eyes play a huge role in our mental and physical well-being. What ROKA is doing with its products is both incredibly exciting and important. I look forward to creating new products that take advantage of the best science together.

“Over the past few years, we have delved into the science of human performance and how we can apply cutting-edge scientific research to impact our new eyewear technology,” says Rob Canales, CEO and co-founder of ROKA. “Dr. Huberman has been a great help on this journey and we have already learned a lot, but as the official scientific advisor, we can go further and faster together in our mission to create the best quality eyewear for our clients.”

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ROKA’s mission is to unleash human potential. Founded in 2013 in Austin, TXROKA’s award-winning performance eyewear, wetsuits and performance gear have led athletes to dozens of world titles, including three Olympic gold medals, more than 30 world championship titles, multiple Tour de France stage wins and hundreds more podiums. ROKA works with the world’s leading scientists, athletes and organizations to push the boundaries of performance design, bringing these innovations to everyone who moves. ROKA products are available worldwide at and through select retailers. Follow ROKA on Facebook and instagram.

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