At Louis Vuitton Cruise 2023, natural beauty and futurism take center stage

The French brand presented its latest offering to the dreamy Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego

The French brand presented its latest offering to the dreamy Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego

For Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2023 collection, the famous French house had the most important guest of all: the sun. Venturing to the United States this season, creative director Nicolas Ghesquière showcased his latest offering of sporty, futuristic ready-to-wear at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California.

Designed by architect Louis Khan in 1960, the institute specializes in a variety of biomedical research and served as the perfect setting for Louis Vuitton’s timely collection: the concrete structure perfectly framed the radiant rays of the sun as the pack de Ghesquière was ultra-cool and warlike. past models between.

Congolese-Belgian singer and model Lous and The Yakuza opened the show eye-catchingly, wearing a long gray jacquard dress complete with a dramatic draped hood. Next, Ghesquière played with proportions as a pair of voluminous dresses made casual by low-top sneakers marked a strong start to the collection.

Ghesquière then dabbled in separates in the form of ruffled miniskirts, draped goddess skirts and metallic crossover blouses. As far as accessories go, the brand introduced reimagined monogram duffel bags, casual shoulder bags and a handful of ultra-sleek eyewear that are sure to make a statement. The matrix envious lover.

Pops of color – reflective yellow, royal blue, deep red – were transformed in the form of shoulder-pad cropped tops, asymmetrical skirts and tapered pants. As always, flairs of futurism marked Ghesquière’s designs, evident in the experimental silhouettes and dynamic mix of patterns.

Pointing to the beauty of the west coast as a reference, Ghesquière’s dreamy motifs were presented in conversation with the cascading sun on the main textiles of the collection: linen, jacquard, silk, leather. Rounding out the collection as triumphantly as it began, the Frenchman’s sculptural design chops were on full display with a trio of broad-shouldered metallic jackets fanned out with reflective fringe accents cascading down below.

Combining science, natural landscapes and, of course, Ghesquière’s contemporary design signatures, Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2023 collection was a welcome trip into the future while embracing the scenic beauty of Ja Jolla. See more from the collection, below.

Credits: Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton.