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I have worn glasses all my life. I didn’t quite come out of the womb with them, but it didn’t take long for my family to realize that just like dozens of family members before me, I had inferior vision. to the average. A trip to the optometrist later confirmed that I would be a regular eyeglass owner for the rest of my life. That was almost 25 years ago now, and my eyes haven’t had any since. During that time, I’ve donned frames and lenses from countless companies, in a multitude of styles. Some have worked with my active, outdoor lifestyle. Others don’t. And for years, I had struggled to find a pair of prescription sunglasses that I liked. That changed recently when I had the opportunity to work with the folks at SportRX.

SportRX is an online eyewear retailer based in Southern California. It was founded in 1996 by a group of opticians who appreciated the great outdoors: they biked, ran errands, skied, etc. And they struggled to find glasses that could stand up to an active lifestyle. If you are a hunter who wears glasses, you have probably encountered the same problem. I know I have. I have found it refreshing to work with a company founded by people with very similar concerns – it allows for scholarly and empathetic service.

At its core, SportRX is a retailer with a very specific goal. The company offers glasses from 45 different brands on its website, with an endless array of lens and other options. No matter how specific your need is, there’s a good chance SportRX will be able to fit the right equipment for you. Where the company stands out from the crowd is in its customer service.

Every order that goes through SportRX is sent directly by an optician, an ABO (American Board of Opticianry) certified optician. This happens regardless of how you may submit your order. If you call SportRX, you will be directly connected to an optician. If you use the website’s live chat feature, you’ll be talking (you guessed it) to an optician. If you simply enter your information in the website order form, your order will be flagged for approval by the optician before it is submitted to the lab. SportRX handles orders conveniently to ensure maximum quality. If the Optician Examiner detects something that could be problematic (such as a prescription that appears to be wobbly), they will take note of it and contact the client. It’s a great measure of quality control, which you won’t get with many companies.

When I placed my order with SportRX, I worked directly with an optician. Coincidentally, I had recently had my annual eye exam, so I was able to immediately deliver my prescription to my optician. I then detailed exactly what I was looking for: sunglasses that are perfectly suited to a hunter. I needed something strong, but also light. Subtle frames that wouldn’t produce glare if the sun caught them the right way. The last thing I needed was for a bird or big game to be scared of my glasses. And I needed lenses that would help me see through the early morning light, but weren’t dark enough to prevent me from possibly missing a deer antler tooth in the brush. It was a tall order, but the optician I worked with was happy to hear from me.

The end result is pictured above: frames from Randolph Engineering, paired with what SportRX calls their “Hunter” lenses. They often recommend an amber or yellow shade when working with hunters, and my sunglasses are no different. I found them to be perfectly suited to all field conditions.

With 45 brands available, there is no shortage of frames. That said, I have a pretty extreme prescription (my eyes are ugly) so I had a bit of a limited selection to work with. It’s on me, however. The average eyeglass wearer will have a variety of frames and lenses to choose from. SportRX often recommends Randolph Engineering and Wiley-X for those looking for prescription sunglasses to wear when hunting or shooting. Both brands are designed to outlast anything outdoor men and women might throw at them.

When it comes to hunting goggles, it’s not exactly a perfect fit. We cannot always control the conditions under which we search. But if you’re looking to get as close to perfection as possible, SportRX is a good place to start. Excellent customer service and a wide selection of products is a winning combination.

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