5 things to know before buying glasses

If you wear glasses, you know how expensive and inconvenient it can be to replace them. I have worn glasses for years and spent far too much time without replacing them in the past because I wanted to avoid the cost.

In this article, I will be reviewing EyeBuyDirect. I looked closely and found it to be an affordable option for buying glasses online.

5 things to know before ordering from EyeBuyDirect

Whether you are looking for glasses or sunglasses, EyeBuyDirect is worth a visit. You will find a huge selection of styles and colors as well as popular brands and competitive prices.

EyeBuyDirect was founded by Roy Hessel. The company’s website says Hessel wanted to make quality eyewear accessible to everyone. Now you can buy affordable eyeglasses for women, men and kids online, and for every pair you buy from EyeBuyDirect, another pair will be given.

If you’re shopping for a new pair of glasses, be sure to consider these five things about EyeBuyDirect before you make your purchase:

  1. What is EyeBuyDirect?
  2. How does EyeBuyDirect work?
  3. How much do EyeBuyDirect glasses cost?
  4. What is available at EyeBuyDirect?
  5. How long does it take to ship EyeBuyDirect?

1. What is EyeBuyDirect?

EyeBuyDirect is an online business that sells prescription glasses for women, men and children, as well as prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. The retailer has a large selection of frames online, but you won’t find a physical store. However, you can virtually try on your frames before you decide to order them.

The company offers low prices, popular designer brands, and a variety of lens types, including prescription and non-prescription options.

According to the website, “EyeBuyDirect does everything in-house. From design to manufacturing, we control and oversee the entire process! This allows us to pass the savings on to you, our customers.

Fortunately, low prices are not an indicator of poor quality. In reality, Consumer Reports EyeBuyDirect ranks as one of the top five places to buy glasses alongside Costco optics, Warby parker and Zenni optical.

In addition to offering great prices and reliable service, EyeBuyDirect also partners with non-profit organizations to distribute eyewear to people in need. You can find out more about the Buy 1, Give 1 program on the company’s website.

2. How does EyeBuyDirect work?

As there is no physical location, the only way to order glasses from EyeBuyDirect is online. Still, it’s a straightforward process that just requires you have a valid prescription from your eye doctor.

When you first visit the website, you can start browsing the eyewear, sunglasses, and brands available. You can scroll down to find Featured Styles and Collections as well as a style quiz and guides to buy online.

I started with the style quiz. It asks you 12 questions and offers suggested frame types based on your answers. You can buy from these frames or browse the entire collection.

If you are searching through all the frames for women, men or children, you can narrow your results down by brand, size, shape, frame, material, color and feature. You can also sort by popularity, new arrivals, recent views, or price. As you find pairs of glasses that you like, you can click on the little heart next to the image so you can easily compare your choices later..

EyeBuyDirect website featuring several styles of women's eyewear and a virtual fitting feature.

You can also try on glasses virtually. To do this, click on “try”. From there, you will be able to upload a picture of yourself and see what the frames would look like on your face.

Once you’ve chosen a frame style, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions before you can add your choice to your cart. You will need to select your use (remote, reading, multifocal or non-prescription) and enter your prescription as well as your pupillary distance (PD). If this information is not included in your prescription, you can use EyeBuyDirect’s free online tool to measure it yourself.

Order EyeBuyDirect glasses online and enter your prescription

Next, choose the lens color type (clear, blue light blocking, sun or light setting) and lens group, which varies based on your other selections. Of course, some options are more expensive than others. You will be able to review your final selections before adding the glasses to your basket.

When you’re ready to pay, you can review your order, add promo codes, decide on shipping protection, and proceed to checkout. You will need to enter an email address for confirmation, but you don’t have to create an EyeBuyDirect account unless you want to for future orders.

Insurance, returns and guarantees

According to the website, EyeBuyDirect prescription glasses are covered by off-grid insurance policies. You will receive an itemized invoice for your purchase which you can submit to your health insurance if you plan to claim a refund.

If you want to use a flexible spending account to pay for your EyeBuyDirect glasses, you can use your FSA debit card or submit a claim later.

Regarding returns, EyeBuyDirect offers a 14 day fit and style guarantee. Warranty allows you to make a return for a one-time replacement or refund – for any reason – within two weeks of receiving your order.

In addition, your glasses will be delivered with a one year product warranty. It covers a single replacement pair within 12 months if there are obvious flaws in the glasses. This guarantee does not cover accidental damage.

3. How much do EyeBuyDirect glasses cost?

The price of frames varies depending on the materials they are made from. Lens prices also vary depending on the features your prescription requires.

EyeBuyDirect offers frames starting at just $ 6, although you can find higher prices (up to $ 320) on high-end styles like Oakley and Ray-Ban. A lot of popular selections range from $ 32 to $ 55.

Although these prices are not as low as those of Zenni optical, they beat the median price of frames and glasses Warby parker and Costco optics.

At EyeBuyDirect, bifocal lenses start at $ 29 and progressive lenses from $ 49. Premium progressives are also available starting at $ 89. For prescription sunglasses, distance lenses start at $ 20 and multifocal lenses start at $ 109.

If your total price is over $ 99, you’ll get free shipping. Other, shipping will cost $ 5.95.

4. What is available on EyeBuyDirect?

When it comes to frame styles, there’s no shortage of selection at EyeBuyDirect. Whether you are looking for prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses or non-prescription sunglasses, you will find hundreds of options for men, women and children.

In addition to EyeBuyDirect’s standard quality frames, you will find Ray-Ban and Oakley frames from $ 141. EyeBuyDirect has also launched its own brand of premium frames, RFLKT, which are available for just $ 70.

Frames are available in extra-small, small, medium, large, and custom sizes as well as multiple colors. You can browse eight different frame shapes and choose from five different materials including acetate, titanium, plastic, wood, or metal.

The lenses are made from lightweight CR39 and polycarbonate plastic. They enter six different refractory indices. You can also choose from one of the following lens types:

  • Glasses blocking blue light
  • Reading glasses
  • Polarized lenses
  • Transition glasses
  • Corrective lenses
  • Bifocal lenses

In addition to standard single vision and progressive lenses, you can also get lenses with prism correction. For more information on these types of lenses, visit EyeBuyDirect website.

Unfortunately, EyeBuyDirect does not currently offer contact lenses.

5. How long does it take to ship EyeBuyDirect?

If you choose the default standard shipping, you can usually expect to receive your order within 7-14 business days.

According to the table in EyeBuyDirect help section, orders over $ 99 are eligible for free standard shipping. Other orders will be received within the same timeframe for $ 5.95. UPS delivery starts at $ 19 and typically cuts turnaround time from 2 to 4 business days.

Once your purchase is complete, you can enter your order number or tracking number on EyeBuyDirect website to check its condition.

Final thoughts

Overall, EyeBuyDirect is a great place to shop for affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses online.

If you buy ordinary frames and single vision lenses, you can expect to pay around $ 70 total. Progressives and other options cost more.

To optimize your savings, do not forget to consult the current promotions on the home page, browse the selection on sale and consider sponsoring a friend if you have good experience. If you are a raised Where veteran, you get a 20% discount.

Before preparing to place your order, make sure that you have a valid prescription nearby and know your pupillary distance.

Have you ever ordered from EyeBuyDirect? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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