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“You look younger! What have you been doing?!!”

As we mature, it’s something most of us would like to hear.

Whether it’s a new fitness or skincare regimen, changing our wardrobe, our hair or even our glasseswe are constantly evolving our style to keep things fresh and trendy.

Another thing that changes as we mature is our eyesight.

As we age, our eyesight generally deteriorates.

But is there a way to handle this and come out younger in the process?

The good news is that there are.

Age affects our eyes but not only with eye problems

Presbyopia is the most common thing that happens with age.

Not to be confused with presbyopia, presbyopia is a condition in which the eyes gradually lose their ability to focus on near objects.

Symptoms are usually noticed in your 40s, such as the need to hold your reading materials further away from you, and eye strain or headaches from work that force your eyes to look at text or objects close to you.

This can be solved by getting tested and wearing glasses.

But as many know, fitting glasses with progressive lenses to combat presbyopia is a headache in itself.

According to a survey by Tanaka Optical, 65% of Singaporeans in their 40s and 50s experienced discomfort when wearing progressive lenses.

Dizziness, eye strain and headaches are just some of the problems with progressive lenses. With all these discomforts, you may find it hard to concentrate and as a result, feel and look tired from all the hard work you’ve had to frown on.

You never thought choosing a pair of frames and progressive lenses could involve so much, huh?

Here’s the thing.

A pair of glasses is more than just a tool to improve our quality of life or an instrument to help us perform at work and play; it’s a fashion statement and often, a fashion accessory.

You may have experienced the arduous ritual of trying on dozens of frames and then choosing one that, unfortunately, can make your lenses look thick.

Don’t get me started on how some of us receive our glasses, only to experience discomfort and tired eyes because the measurements weren’t done correctly.

For those who wear progressive lenses, you may even have had difficulty adjusting to your new glasses!

OMAKASE eyewear styling service from Tanaka Optical

Fortunately, technology has now made these challenges a thing of the past.

Teamed with experienced and qualified optometrists and opticians, Tanaka Optical’s OMAKASE eyewear styling service promises a great experience for people in their 40s and 50s who need early treatment for presbyopia and styling advice for eyeglasses.

Harnessing 109 years of experience in providing quality eyewear, Tanaka Optical’s innovative application technology and Hoya Vision Care’s comprehensive lens portfolio deliver the best fit for lens design and style.

Tanaka has now brought this technology to Singapore from Japan.

The latest innovation from Tanaka Optical, MEASUREMENT Tanakais an app that brings accuracy and efficiency through digitization and brings a more personalized touch to your eyewear journey.

Here’s how it works.

1. Goal Comparison Simulation

Imagine being able to compare in real life how you would feel and how the world around you would appear when wearing different lenses.

For people between 40 and 50, this is particularly important, as a pair of well-fitting progressive lenses is essential to minimize discomfort.

Using Augmented Reality (AR), customers get an immediate side-by-side comparison of different lens designs on Tanaka Optical’s app.

From the comparison, you will be able to understand which type of Hoya progressive lenses will suit your lifestyle, whether for work or leisure.

In addition, you will be able to discover the differences between Hoya’s BlueControl and Sensity lenses and even see the thickness of the lenses according to your prescription.

Tanaka Optical’s app provides a visual understanding of the difference between the different components of your eyewear.

This allows their team of eye care professionals to better understand your lifestyle, and it means you can be sure you’re equipped with the best pair of lenses for your needs.

2. Focus on

You may remember your optometrist or optician using a ruler to measure the distance between your eyes during an eye exam.

Now you won’t have to go through that again, as Tanaka MEASURE allows the team of eye care professionals to make an accurate assessment of the optical parameters required based on frame selection.

This gives a more personalized touch to Hoya progressive lenses and guarantees precise measurements, essential for fitting you with a new pair of glasses.

The result?

A comfortable pair of progressive glasses perfectly adapted to your lifestyle, restoring the youthful vision of your 20s.

3. Impression Analysis – What Matches Your Face Best and Makes You Look Younger

Next, imagine an optometrist taking a picture of you.

The impression analysis app (印象分析) uses facial recognition technology to perform a comprehensive facial analysis of all your facial features.

With just the press of a button, you can virtually “try on” different pairs of glasses and see how they will fit your features, and how your style and impression may change with different glasses.

Coupled with Tanaka Optical’s unique and signature OMAKASE eyewear styling service by their in-house eyewear stylist, you’ll start looking 20 again!

Technology and innovation that works for you

The eyewear shopping experience at Tanaka Optical / FLO Optics with Hoya Vision Care combines the best of traditional methods with technology and innovation.

Therefore, you can be sure that you are getting qualified eye care professionals offering high quality services and high performance lenses that will not only make you feel, but also look younger.

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