3D glasses for eyeglass users


3View 3D glasses easily fit prescription glasses

While wearing the 3View Fit Over, I forgot I was even wearing them!

In the past, Rx glasses users have had the challenge of finding a comfortable way to watch 3D movies with the full-frame 3D glasses distributed in movie theaters. The introduction of the 3VIEW â„¢ Fit Over 3D glasses solves this challenge.

The 3VIEW Slip On â„¢ 3D glasses easily adapt to Rx spectacle frames. Designed to fit plastic, metal and rimless optical glasses, the lightweight design is an alternative to wearing two pairs of glasses for viewing movies and 3D content.

The 3VIEW Clip & Flip â„¢ 3D glasses are another alternative for Rx glasses users, where the 3D lenses can pop up when not in use.

The lenses used in the 3VIEW ™ “Fit Over” products are passive 3D lenses (circular polarized) compatible with most movie theaters (RealD®). Passive 3D lenses are also compatible with LG® Cinema 3D and Vizio® Theater 3D passive TVs.

With a series of 3D holiday movies coming out in the next couple of months, now is the perfect time to purchase a pair of 3D glasses that will comfortably fit the Rx glasses. With 3VIEW â„¢ fit over products, people who wear Rx glasses can now enjoy 3D movies as if they were not wearing 3D glasses at all!


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