10 things fans miss the most about Nintendogs

The Nintendo DS era is one that many people fondly remember. After combining all the different models released over the years, this is Nintendo’s best-selling console, which isn’t surprising considering how many beloved classics inhabit the Nintendo DS. Most DS bestsellers come from well-known franchises, such as Pokemon and mariobut a simple yet charming pet simulator game by the name of Nintendogs managed to beat almost all of them, only being surpassed by New Super Mario Bros.

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In his heart, Nintendogs is a simple pet simulation game in which players adopt and care for between one and eight dogs, although only three can be kept in the player’s home at any given time. Despite its simplicity, Nintendogs quickly hooked fans around the world, and there’s a lot about the game that fans look back on with fond nostalgia.

10/10 Available home themes are beautiful and creative

When the players start their Nintendogs trip, their house is incredibly basic. If players wish to upgrade their house, they will need to purchase a completely new design from the interior designer. These rooms can be pricey, but they’re well worth the price for everything they update.

There are a total of nine themes for players to choose from, ranging in price from $500 to $100,000 in-game. There are simple themes like Designer Condo and Urban Living, all the way up to expensive and beautiful themes like Seaside and Outer Space.

9/10 No two rides are the same

One of the most important parts of owning a dog is walking it and making sure it can relieve itself and get exercise. Nintendogs adds a random element to this process, with question marks containing random events appearing in different places each time.

This ensures that there are not two entries Nintendogs will play out the same way, preventing things from becoming stale. Question Marks can contain gifts or meetings with other dog owners, which will give the player well-meaning advice as their dogs interact.

8/10 Training and competing is serious business

Contests are one of the best ways to make money online. Nintendogs, but participating in it is not a simple process. Players might be able to go through the Junior Cup without training their dogs, but anything beyond that requires real commitment.

There are three types of contests in Nintendogs: Disc competitions, agility trials and obedience trials. Players spend time throwing Frisbees in the park, walking their dogs through obstacle courses, or practicing tricks if they want to place first in all levels of the contest.

7/10 There are countless cute accessories to dress up dogs

While walking their dogs, players will come across presents containing all kinds of random loot. One of the things players can get through gifts are accessories, which offer a ton of different ways to dress up and customize their dogs.

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At first, players can buy two types of necklaces and two types of ribbons, but they will need to unlock more by playing and encountering them randomly. There are a total of sixty accessories to collect in three different categories: headwear, glasses and necklaces.

6/10 Archie and Ted have unquestionable chemistry

The part of the contests that players remember the most about aren’t the contests themselves, but rather the chemistry between Ted and Archie. Ted Rumsworth serves as announcer during the contests, with Archie Hubbs acting as his associate.

They usually comment on how the competing dogs are doing, although they can also be seen complimenting each other sometimes. Archie sometimes comments that Ted makes him blush, while Ted comments that Archie makes him feel like a man. It’s a small part of Nintendogs, but many gamers fondly remember this depiction.

5/10 Bark mode allows nearby players to exchange gifts and play with each other’s dogs

Nintendo has been known to experiment with various local wireless features with its consoles, and Nintendogs features a local game mode known as Bark mode. By setting their device to Bark Mode, players can exchange gifts and play with the dogs of any other players they meet who have also enabled Bark Mode.

Players can play with other people’s dogs for as long as they want and can add the other player to their friends list if they want. Since this is a local feature, not one that requires a wireless connection, Bark Mode is still usable despite the Nintendo DS dropping Wi-Fi support.

4/10 Teaching Dogs New Commands Is Challenging But Satisfying

Just like real-life canine companions, dogs of Nintendogs can learn all kinds of tricks. Using the DS’s built-in microphone, players can then speak the names of these commands out loud, and their dogs will perform them in response.

Teaching dogs new tricks isn’t easy, as players have to use their stylus to teach the dog what to do. For example, players who want to teach their dog to shake will have to lift the paw with the stylus several times, before asking their pup to attempt the trick themselves. It’s a rewarding experience for those who put in the time, and players can show off their skills by competing in obedience trials.

3/10 Toys keep players and puppies entertained

There are a total of eleven toys in Nintendogs, which enhance the affection between players and their puppies when used. Personalities play a role in how dogs like certain toys, as the same toy may excite one dog, while another may run away in fear.

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Although there aren’t many toys to collect and play with, those that Nintendogs includes are charming. There are balls for dogs to bounce on, bubble blowers that players use via their microphone, and several toy karts based on various characters from the game. Mario Kart franchise.

2/10 Nintendogs provide gamers with a comfortable and familiar routine

Having a comfortable and familiar routine is important for overall well-being, something people have become much more aware of in recent years. Nintendogs provides players with a comfortable routine of feeding, caring for and training their puppies, making meaningful progress while relieving stress.

dogs in Nintendogs cannot die, but their mood and general health will deteriorate if left alone without proper care for too long. So it’s rewarding to watch over them and take care of them all the time, not worrying about anything bad happening if the players’ lives get too busy.

1/10 The bond between the players and their puppies seems genuine

There are many things Nintendogs is becoming one of the biggest pet simulation games out there, and making sure the bond between players and their virtual dogs feels authentic is one of the most important. Many players end up feeling obligated to continue caring for and raising their pets, the same way they would with a real canine companion.

The simple yet satisfying gameplay loop of Nintendogs ensures players feel connected to their pets by training, feeding, grooming and walking them. Although players can own a total of eight dogs, most end up forming a special bond with their very first, viewing them as special.

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